Las Vegas Summer League   
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The summer league in Vegas is an event I think every NBA fan needs to experience. The games are fan and there is an energy which you usually do not see in other summer leagues. I have been to games in Orlando, San Antonio, Minnesota, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City and none compare to Las Vegas. The one issue I have with the Vegas league is itís length. I love basketball but 10 days is a little long and drawn out, plus you do not get to view the star players like you should.

I would love to see other summer league coming back and thin the herd a little bit. I recently herd that the Utah summer league will likely be back next year and that New York is trying to start one. Which I think is great. Having 4 leagues with teams playing in multiple leagues is not only good for the players but also for the fans and the NBAís bottom line. I would personally like to see five leagues where the top 4 or 5 teams from each league come to Vegas for a champions league type of event.

Now on to the good stuff. Unlike past years I am not going to give a game by game review, but rather an overview of each team and the top players from each team. I missed the first two days but have attended most games since. Not all the games because they are played in two different venues. I mostly attend the games at the Thomas and Mack Center and not the Cox Pavillion.


John Jenkins looks really good. He has a nice stroke and can play some good defense. His ball handling needs some work and he does play out of control. He has been by far the best player for the Hawks.

Mike Scott. Another second year player for the Hawks who is doing really good. Good around the basket but a terrible shooter.

Dennis Schroder. He has the skills to be a very good point guard. Not a star but someone who can start on a team with 4 other quality starters. He has good court vision but is easily flustered when pressured.

Lucas Noguiera. This guy is pretty much Luis Scola version 2, except he makes Shaq look like Rick Berry shooting free throws. Heís twice binged the referee in the head with a terrible free throw shot.


Jerome Dyson. I like what I have seen from him. Hard nosed player who has a nice touch. I could see him ending up on an NBA roster.

Bismack Biyombo. This guy is a bust. A flat out total bust. He canít even dominate the summer league against lesser talent. He looks lost and out of place on the court and just tried to block everything and nothing else.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist He has raw talent but needs a lot of work. Which is actually sad because I thought he had talent coming into the NBA. Unlike Biyombo I think there is still hope for him.

Jeffery Taylor Probably the best player on the Bobcats. He is from Sweden apparently but doesnít play like a European big. Though he does step out and shoot the three with some professioncy. He will be on an NBA roster come November.

Cody Zeller. He actually looks like a legit NBA big man. He is able to push people around on the block and is very good at boxing out. The Bobcats coaching staff is starting him at the 4 and I donít think he is a true 4 in the NBA.


Andrew Goudelock Goudelock has been amazing. He has shown the ability to score at will and will probably win MVP.

Tony Snell. He hasnít impressed me much. Heís just kind of been there. Nothing too great but not terrible either.

Marquis Teague He is doing pretty much what he should and that is dominating players who have no NBA experience. I still donít like his on court decision making or his shot selection.


Dion Waiters He has played very well in the games I seen. He has leadership skills but still needs to work on his defense recognition.

Carrick Felix He has probably been the most frustrating player I have seen yet. He has the talent but just doesnít seem to get it and gets beat a lot on the defensive end.


Jackie Carmichael I like what I have seen from him. Needs to use his body better but has a nice touch under the rim.

Ricky Ledo He has struggled a lot. I had high hopes for him coming into the summer league but he just doesnít look like he has it.

Jae Crowder Needs to stay off the three point line, but has been solid. He is very good at 10-15 feet away from the bucket.

Josh Akognon I have loved what I seen from him. Great slasher and spot up shooter. Probably the best player on the Mavs.

Gal Mekel Very capable PG but doesnít always pass when he should.


Evan Fournier I expect more from him. He is very lethargic on the court and just lets the game come to him.

Golden State

Kevin Murphy Seriously, he might be the worst player I have ever seen. He just gets into the game and starts chucking up shots. Not even good shots.

Kent Bazemore Very strong and physical down low but needs a lot of work on the defensive end.


Vander Blue Very smart player and a big time hustler. Heís not very gifted offensively but solid on defense.

Jack Cooley Solid big down low. A banger but not much else.

Tony Wroten Has really struggled shoot but seems to have a green light to shoot,


John Henson Banger and a hustle but skills are limited offensively. Is a nice defensive player though.

Nate Wolters A shooter who is timid and having a hard time finding his shot.


Shabazz Muhammad plays a little out of control and is having a hard time adapting to an NBA style defense.

Gorgui Deng Has not been impressive at all. He is okay offensively around 5 feet of the bucket but atrocious on the defensive end.

New Orleans

Darius Miller Nice touch and solid defender. Needs to do more than look to score though.

Austin River. Has been very impressive. Though I think New Orleans wont be using him at a PG but a SG type of player.

Jeff Withey Kind of expected more of him,. Heís just kind of a big white stiff out there.

New York Tim Hardaway Jr. Has been very impressive. He reminds me a lot of his dad but with a better shot.

Tony Mitchell Wow he has been flat out bad. Not much else to really say than that.


Dionte Christmas Nice scorer but thatís about it. Plus he has the coolest last name in the league.

Kendall Marshall Has been struggling but improves slightly game by game. Has no offensive game what so ever.


Allen Crabbe Doesnít look like his game will translate to the NBA. At best a 13th man type.

CJ McCollum Plays at an insane pace I am not sure will translate to the NBA, but itís been working in Las Vegas. Shot selection and turnovers will need work though.

Thomas Robinson Heís a beast on the boards. Portland got a steal with him.

San Antonio

Aron Baynes Looks like the Spurs have another diamond in the rough. He is a force down low and has a nice fade away.

Nando De Colo A lot of people are high on him. Me not so much. His game just isnít NBA caliber and he doesnít even try on the defensive end.

Cory Joseph Very skilled but needs to work on his confidence. I do like his game though.

Deshaun Thomas Typical San Antonio type. Hard nosed and rough. Not the most talented but makes up for it in work ethic.


Jonas Valanciunas Has looked a lot better. Has a nice skill set but still looks frail compared to bigger bigs in the NBA.

Dwight Buycks Flat out destroyed it in a game and got a contract and hasnít been back/


Otto Porter JR. He is way too small to be a legit 4 in the NBA and way too big to be a legit 3. Bust written all over him.

Written by: Jessica Styen