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Atlanta vs Charlotte

The game started off aggressive but ugly, with many fouls being called on each teams first possessions. Fouls would be a constant nuisance for both teams, but during the first the Hawks would benefit more then the Bobcats and take 5 more free throws, and unlike a few nights ago the Hawks actually hit them. Both teams struggled shooting at first, but when Hawks reserve guard Salim Stoudamire entered the game things would change, Stoudamire hit his first shot giving the Hawks a 4 point lead. Matt Carroll would answer for the Bobcats who tied the score before Salim Stoudamire hit 2 of 3 shots, and Marvin Williams and Josh Smith each added a field goal to lead the Hawks to a 7 point 29-22 lead.

The Hawks came out blazing in the second quarter lead by Josh Smith and Marvin Williams who helped the Hawks build 15 point lead. Sean May kept Charlotte in the game, he seemed to be everywhere on the court, rebounding blocking shots, and scoring, he helped cut the lead to 8 at one point, but another Hawks run made the score 53-41 Hawks.

The Hawks came out firing again in the third, lead by Smith, Josh Childress, Williams and Stoudamire the Hawks built a 21 point lead 72-51. The Bobcats would comeback lead by Tommy Smith who had two Dunks and a lay-up as part of a 15-2 Bobcat run . Matt Carroll would end the third quarter on a spectacular run, hitting a three pointer, making two free throws and sinking a 10 foot jumper all in under 50 seconds. But the Hawks still lead by 9, 72-63.

The fourth quarter started with fouls, but then each team took off on prolific scoring runs, the Hawks with a 12-0 run followed by a Bobcat 15-0 run to bring the score to 84-78 with 6 and a half minutes to play. Salim Stoudamire dominated the quarter, he would hit about 8 jump shots and was a thorn in Charlottes side the entire game. The Bobcats did cut the lead to 4, but it was Stoudamire again, he finished with a revue high 39 points on an astounding 11 of 19 shooting.

Players to watch


Salim Stoudamire: I knew this guy could shot but damn! He torched the Bobcats every way imaginable. There is no questioning his shooting ability, but in this game he didnít play defense at all, yes it was a high scoring running affair but he didnít even try playing defense.

Arthur Johnson: He had a solid night, he rebounded nicely and got some easy shots because of it. I donít expect him to be a starter anywhere next year but could find his way onto a team.

Josh Smith: Didnít score like Stoudamire but in my opinion he had a better game, he got 19 points, 4 blocks, 8 rebounds and a couple of steals. He still needs to work on getting more mature, when he dunks he doesnít need to taunt the other team, this is his 4th or 5th such technical of the revue.

Josh Childress: Like Smith had a solid all around game, but unlike Smith he is much more mature, He probably will be looked upon as the Hawks veteran leader next season, and if he can handle that task he could be a star in the NBA in a few years.


Sean May: Words canít describe what he does for his team. He played with a lot of heart tonight and every time the Hawks built a huge insurmountable lead, he would lead a charge back into the game. May will be a good player on day in the NBA.

Matt Carroll: His shooting was off again tonight, but he was able to get to the line. and again he allowed his shooting woes to effect his total overall game. Until he can stop this Carroll may only be a scrub on some bad teams.

Tommy Smith: the long time revue veteran had a solid performance. But again he isnít the guy who stands out in anyoneís mind, so he could be passed up for a contract. I expect to see him in training camp though, and he will probably be among the last players cut from a roster this October.

Sonics Mavericks

I didnít see much of this game, I did catch the last few minutes but Iím not going to do a review for them.

Jazz Spurs.

The Spurs went to the hoop early in the final Revue game of the night and the revue, scoring on a barrage of lay-ups and dunks. The Jazz would counter with outside shooting from Deron Williams and Andre Owens. The Spurs would build a 20-10 lead before a 7-0 Jazz run lead by Spencer Nelson and Williams cut it to 20-17. The Spurs struggled to defend the Jazz in the last few minutes of the quarter as Britton Johnson had another bad shooting night. They did however manage to take a 20-19 lead at the end of one.

The Jazz came out and immediately took the lead in the second on a Jack Ingram jumper from Deron Williams. But the Spurs took it back and the two teams exchanged leads before a 5-0 Spurs run put the Spurs up 29-23. Melvin Saunders again caused problems for his defender, he was able to blow past CJ Miles and Spencer Nelson for easy lay-ups. The Spurs would go on to lead 44-39 at the half.

The Spurs came out in the third and immediately took charge, scoring the first seven points of the quarter they lead 51-39. The Spurs where able to maintain their lead in large part to their defense on Kris Humphries and Deron Williams. But it was the Jazz bench who provided the spark for Utah as they ended the quarter on a 12-4 run lead by Andre Owens and Jermaine Boyette. The Jazz cut the Spurs lead to 60-55 at the end of three.

The fourth quarter started out somewhat lethargic as a usually noisy pro-Jazz crowd seemed disinterested in the game. The Sours scored first behind Saunders, but Mike Wilkinson, and Andre Owens kept the Jazz in it and by the middle of the 4th had cut the Spurs lead to 69-68. But after a missed Spurs jumper the Jazz looked poised to take the lead when Williams made a bad pass to Owens and Saunders picked it off and went coast-to-coast for a slam giving the Spurs a 71-68 lead. Then it went down hill for the Spurs, Owens made a jumper making it 71-70, the Spurs would score once more taking a three point lead, but after a Deron Williams game tying three Kris Humphries dunked in an Andre Owens miss giving the Jazz the 75-73 lead, the brought the Jazz fans to their feet as the Jazz would outscore the Spurs 5-2 to finish the quarter and the Jazz would take this one 80 to 75.

Player Breakdowns:


Britton Johnson: All around good player, he had his worst game tonight but overall he was among the best players in the revue.

Andre Barrett: Solid Point guard, but like Iíve said many times he isnít much more than a third string point guard on a good team.

Kendall Dartez: Decent USBL player at best, he doesnít do anything really good, he is just a filler player for a summer league roster; nothing special.

Melvin Saunders: after a strong finish to the revue Saunders could find himself invited to camp next fall, and if he lands with a team that is looking for a shooting guard who is tough and scrappy he just might fit in.

Ondrej Startosta: He had on really good game, a mediocre game and two not very good games, this will keep teams away from him. He will probably be playing in Europe next season.

Jamal Sampson: He makes the Pillsbury Dough boy look strong, he got moved all around the court by both Robert Whaley and Mike Wilkinson. I think Sampsonís days in the NBA are over for a while, he isnít anything at all, he brings a team nothing so I canít see anyone signing him. A team could bring him into training camp but I doubt he sticks.

Billy Thomas: for a NBA veteran Thomas looked lost. He isnít a great shooter, didnít display any great athletic abilities, he is just a filler. Heíll probably start the season in the NBDL, and then may be called for a few days here and there in the NBA.

Josh Asselin: Like Iíve said many times he is a banger. Asselin could stick with a team after camp, but will more then likely end up playing in the NBDL; even if a team keeps him.

Alhaji Mohammed: Not a chance in hell! He was among the worst players Iíve seen at the revue, he isnít as horribly epic as Vasco or Fishdude yet, but a couple of more revues where he seems minutes he could be.

BJ Elder: He will be a scrub in the NBDL at best.

Sergei Karanlov: the Spurs have had luck drafting foreign players in the past, Karanlov isnít one of these players. This guy is to skinny to be able to play in the NBA, that and he has no clue what defense is. Couple that with the apparentness that the Spurs coaching staff doesnít like his play and its easy to figure out where he will be next year: Europe.

Justin Hamilton: Solid Defender, but isnít anything great. He has a chance at making the NBA next year, but probably wonít.

EJ Rowland, Kyle Davis, Denis Earshov, Brian Lubeck, Anthony McHenry: These guys played a combined 16 minutes in the summer league, this doesnít go well for them. At best one of these guys might be back here next year.


Robert Whaley: A Jerry Sloan type player, I know I sound like a broke record but what is true is true. Whaley will probably be a third stringer next year seeing limited minutes if he can stay out of trouble.

Gabe Muoneke: Here is another guy who will probably end up in the CBA or some other minor league. He probably wont even be invited to training camp this fall.

CJ Miles: Started off the revue doing good, but faultered towards the end. He still needs a lot of work before he will be playing big minutes, heíll probably end up in the NBDL for a few stints next year.

Kris Humphries: He really had a good revue. Even when he struggled scoring he did other things. Humphries will probably be backing up Boozer next year for the Jazz, and should get about 12-15 minutes a game doing so.

Deron Williams: He didnít put up the numbers I expected but he had a solid revue. He should start at point guard for the Jazz next season. He does however desperately needs to work on staying out of foul trouble.

Andre Owens: He has really been a Surprise of the revue. He is a solid combo guard who will should make it into training camp next year, may even find himself being a 12th man somewhere in the NBA.

Díor Fischer: He can rebound, other than that he does nothing.

Spencer Nelson: A local boy who was very popular in the revue. Didnít have big numbers, and did an alright job, but not good enough to make it in the NBA. Nelson will more than likely be playing overseas next season.

Mike Wilkinson: A Big Bodied shooters who can give a team a few minutes off the bench. I noticed some team scouts were really taking a hard look at him, so donít be surprised if he shows up in the preseason for a while.

Melvin Scott: Solid PG, but more than likely will be in the NBDL next season.

Jack Ingram: Not NBA quality, he may play here and there in the NBA in the future but wonít stick anywhere to long.

Olu Famutimi: his best features are that he hustles and dives for balls, but may not be ready for the NBA yet. Should do alright in the minor leagues though.

Jermaine Boyette: He is not ready for the NBA, he cannot dribble out of pressure and dribbles down the shot clock to much. Boyette will be in Europe or back in the USBL next season.

Kirk Snyder: his revue was so terrible that the Jazz traded him; well not just his revue. Snyder was one player I thought would have a solid revue instead he got out played by Andre Owens. If its true and Snyder is in Memphis next year, look for him to do about the same he did last season.

Craig Forth and Josh Pace: They played a couple of games seriously I saw them. These two are more guys who couldnít get time in the summer league, so expect them in an ABA arena near you next winter.

Notes and Stuff:

  • Well it's a been a great revue, and hopefully it won't be the last one.
  • I'd like to give thanks to Jacky Louiser over at Spurs centeral for getting me the media pass, it was great to have one and people treat you a lot better.
  • I'd also like to thank Britton Johnson, Josh Childress, Dominique Wilkens, Rod Hundley and Sean May for taking time and talking with me, I should have those interviews up shortly.
  • I'd also like to thank everyone who gave me the feedback, its much appriciated.
  • And finally I'd like to thank the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats, Dallas Mavericks, Seattle Supersonics, San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz for putting on such a great display of basketball for the fans.
    Be sure to check out my team recaps, and the "Redneck all revue team" article tommarow.

    Written by:
    Bran Faurschou