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Spurs vs Bobcats

This game started off slow with neither team scoring much. With the score 5 to 4 Bobcats, Charlotte forward Antonio Meeking entered the game and scored immediately on an offensive rebound. The Spurs tried to answer but turned the ball over and the Bobcats scored easily. Britton Johnson answered for the Spurs brining the game to 12-11 Bobcats, but on the next play Lubeck hit a three giving the Bobcats a four point lead. The teams would trade baskets the rest of the first and the Bobcats would take a 23-20 lead going into the second.

The Spurs came out an immediately scored, then Johnson got a driving lay-up giving the Spurs a 24-23 lead. But Charlotte would take the lead back on a Sean May basket. BJ Elder would score the next two baskets for the Spurs who took a 28-25 lead. Charlottes two first rounders showed why they were taken in the lottery; Raymond Felton lobbed a pass to May who dunked it home, then later he scored on a lay-up and jump shot, as the Bobcats went on a 12-3 run giving them a 41-31 lead. Andre Barrettís defense resulted in a few Bobcat turnovers in the last three minutes of the second., those turnovers lead to easy San Antonio baskets as the Spurs finished the quarter on a 5-0 run. The Bobcats still lead 41-36.

The Bobcats came out on fire, especially Sean May who out hustled and musseled the Spurs centers, scoring 10 points in the quarter. The Bobcats suffered a setback when Raymond Felton was hit in the chest and had to leave the game. The Spurs tried to counter the Bobcats offensive explosion by going inside to guard Melvin Saunders who cut the Bobcats lead to 12. But the Bobcats offensive jugger-naught continued to pound away at the Spurs and after three the Bobcats lead 62-49.

The Spurs didnít fair much better in the 4th quarter either, as the Bobcats scored on their first three possessions taking a 68-49 lead. The Spurs tried to answer but couldnít as the Bobcats coasted to an early 20 point 4th quarter lead behind a Kevin Burleson lay-up and ensuing free throw. The Spurs would cut the lead to 16 late in the 4th but alas the Bobcats where to much and won the game 84-62.

Players to watch:


B.J. Elder: Finally had a good game, unfortunately he is about the only one on the Spurs that can say this.

Britton Johnson: Johnson had a bad night, he got flustered early which threw off his game. Johnson has had these mental lapses before and needs to work on not letting them effect him so much if he ever wants to make it in the NBA.

Josh Asselin: Again he is a very scrappy player who plays hard, not particularly great at any one thing, but he is solid at most parts of his game. He is big too, so that could help him get invited to camp this fall.


Sean May: The notion of him being soft is incorrect, this guy is tough. He is a great rebounder, which allows him to get a lot of second chance points. My only concern with him is, is he strong enough and big enough to play center in the NBA.

Raymond Felton: in 4 review games Felton has either not played due to injury or left prematurely because of injury, this has to be a huge concern for the Bobcats. Even in summer league if a player constantly gets injured it could be an indicator of whatís to come.

Matt Carroll: He like Johnson had bad game, but his was due more to the fact that Sean May was having a good game and not mental mistakes. Carroll is just a role player and did a role players duty today.

Atlanta vs Seattle

This has been by far the most entertaining game of the revue for me, The Hawks came out scorching hot building a quick 10-2 lead.. Arthur Johnson again had a solid game under the basket, he got 4 early points during this run. Boris Diaw also started off great by both scoring and passing the ball. The Sonics tried chipping into the lead, Larry OíBannon and a couple of nice jumpers but a turn over lead to a high flying slam dunk by Josh Childress. Despite the Hawks good shooting and smothering defense the Sonics kept with them, trailing by 10 after one.

Seattle got things rolling in the second behind their defense, forcing five Hawk turn overs early on. Kaniel Dickens also hit 2 three pointers during a 20-7 Seattle run. The overall intensity of the game slowed down during the middle of the second quarter. During a span neither team scored for about 3 and a half minutes, but a Dickens jumper tied the score at 32. Boris Diaw was the only Hawks player who didnít look like a re-animated corps near the end of the second half as the Seattle finished the quarter on a 6-2 run taking a 38-35 half-time lead.

The third quarter was much better for the Hawks then the second, but Diaw and Josh Smith both had a hard time defending Alex Scales who was able to penetrate into the Hawks interior defense then kick it out to the wing for open jumpers. Scales was injured halfway though the 3rd by a flagrant foul from Josh Childress, and would leave the game but return.. Robert Swift and Johan Petro both did a nice job guarding the Hawks centers as Cline-Heard nor Johnson could really get anything going during this stretch. Seattle lead 53-51.

The teams swapped baskets to start the 4th. Marteen Cleaves had two lay-ups in the early 4th as the teams played a close hard fought game. Atlanta took the lead back with about 7 and a half to go in the game, but Cleaves again came though and the teams began to exchange leads with each other. With the Sonics ahead by 1 with a little over 2 minutes Alex Scales was fouled hard this time by Diaw, he would hit his free throws and the Sonics would go on to win the game by 4. 78-74.

Players to watch.


Boris Diaw: Finally he had a good game. He still looks out of his comfort zone but he handled the defensive pressure put on him by Cleaves and Scales just fine.

Sharrod Ford: decent game offensively, but he leaves his feet a lot on defense. Ford wonít be NBA ready for some time but could surprise some people in the minor leagues.

Salim Stoudamire: He needs to work on his ball handling and shot selection as both were horrid tonight. He will let anything fly even if he has 4 guys around him.


Robert Swift: he had a Horrible offensive night, but his defense was good. He got 3 blocks and more importantly he kept the Hawks from getting offensive boards.

Marteen Cleaves: another good night for Cleaves. He was able to handle the pressure put on him by the defense and was able to find the open man all night long; though they usually missed the open shot or Cleaves would have had a lot more assist.

Alex Scales: Very quick run and gun type point guard who likes to score, but can pass and play defense. Scales might make a good third string point guard for someone this year in the NBA.

Utah vs Dallas

The Jazz started out great with Williams making a jumper, Humphries getting a dunk and Kirk Snyder hitting a three putting the Jazz up 7-0. Rawle Marshall single handedly brought the Mavericks back, hitting free throws, a jumper and a tip to bring the score to 9-7 Jazz, but a Dallas three would give them the one point lead for about two minutes until a Deron Williams lay-up. Williams would come up huge for the Jazz late in the 4th scoring and dishing out assist. Filberto Rivera finally had a good quarter as he kept the mavs in it but after one they trailed 23-22.

The Jazz and Mavs traded leads to start with 4th on scores by Robert Whaley and Pavel Podkolzine. The Jazz had no real answer to Podkolzine as he hurt them offensively, but defensive Whaley was able to get back the points the Jazz had let up to Podkolzine. With a little under 5 minutes in the second the Mavs took the lead for good on a Podkolzine dunk. The Mavericks went inside a lot and the Jazz where called for a lot of tacky fouls, the Mavs also shot about 10 more free throws then the Jazz in the quarter as well and took a 48-42 lead at the break.

DJ Mbenga and Michael Harris started off a flurry of Dallas scoring in the second half and would build the Mavs a 10 point lead. Deron Williams tried keeping the Jazz in the game but after he got called for his 4th foul and was replaced by Boyette things came undone for the Jazz. The Mavs would build a 70-55 lead but CJ Miles would hit a three at the end of the quarter to bring the Jazz to with-in 12.

The Jazz started out the 4th quarter very scrappy which lead to Dallas frustration and turn overs. The Jazz would go on a 9-0 run to start the 4th bringing the score to 70-67 when Felipe Lopez hit a long jumper giving Dallas a 5 point lead. But the Jazz would answer with a 5-0 run tying the game at 72. The teams would exchange baskets before an onslaught of fouls against the Jazz, the Mavericks would make their free throws as the Jazz never found the basket again and lost 81-74.

Players to watch


Kris Humphries: he had a horrible game, he couldnít rebound, couldnít box out and in fact looked totally out of place which surprised me for someone who had been playing great thought the review.

Robert Whaley: He is definitely a Jerry Sloan type player, physical and mentally strong. He needs some work on defense but his offensive game seems to be improving as the revue goes on, and he can rebound very good.

Deron Williams: Jazz fans can rejoice now, Williams finally had a great game, scoring a game high 19 points. He still needs to work on his foul troubles because again they took him out of the game for the Jazz.

C.J. Miles: His shooting needs some work, as does his shot selection but again it was his defense that I liked about him. He is one of those borderline players that you really canít tell if he is mature enough to be ready for the NBA or needs to time in the D-league.


Michael Harris: He has a sweet jump shot and thatís about it, his defense is adequate for the summer league but not for the NBA.

DJ Mbenga: Again I have to praise him for his defensive effort, I know its just the summer league but I watched this guy goal-tend every shot he tried to block last summer and this summer he blocks then cleanly. With the retirement of Shawn Bradley in Dallas Mbenga could find himself filling Bradleyís shoes as the teams shot blocking specialist.

Filberto Rivera: He finally liked like he belonged in the revue and not some high school gym. He was able to get some open shots early and that seemed to carry his confidence though-out the game. He definitely isnít NBA material, but might do a nice job in something like the ABA.

David Logan: Nothing has changed with him, he still is a me first point guard. He took more bad shots tonight but lady luck favored him as most went in.

Pavel Podkolzine: he gave the Jazz fits in the second quarter, but he still is soft inside. Whaley really pounded on him good which forced the mavericks to take him out, if he ever wants decent playing time he is going to have to bulk up.

Written by:
Bran Faurschou