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Charlotte vs Dallas

Sean May started out like he ended Saturday against Utah, scoring and going after boards, but two minutes into the game he sprained his ankle and would leave and wouldn’t return. The Cats looked really good early but let up a few easy points on turnovers, and the Mavericks would take the lead late in the first but Raymond Felton hit a spinning jumper to tie it at 20.

DJ Mbenga started the second quarter off with a great presence down low, intimidating on shots and rebounding. But the Cats would build a 10 point lead going into the half.

Bernard Robinson really looked good for the Cats in the third hitting some nice jumpers and playing good defense. But the Mavs made a nice comeback going on a 6-0 run then later in the quarter a 12-3 run to get the game to 55-52. But Bernard Robinson hit a jumper then stole the ensuing inbound pass to make it 59-52. Felipe Lopez would answer with a driving lay-up and a free throw brining Dallas with-in 4. But Alan Anderson would hit a three and Robinson would add another free throw giving the Bobcats a 66-56 lead at the end of three.

The Cats started the 4th by going inside and getting free throws, Dallas on the other hand started the quarter out with a pair of turnovers leading to fast break points for Charlotte and a 71-56 lead. Finally after air balling a dunk Pavel Podkolzine layed it up ending a 3 minute Dallas drought. After a jumper by Simmons, a three by Darius Rice and a Podkolzine tip in the Mavs climbed with-in 12. Then Antonio Meeking hit a jumper followed by two David Logan free throws and a three pointer got the Maverick with-in 9. The two teams traded baskets for a while but eventually Dallas got with-in 5 with two minutes to go. Some odd playing calling by Dallas cost them any chance at getting back in this game; with 43 second to go and trailing by 5 they allowed the Cats to run out 20 seconds, then the Mavs took a bad three and waited 7 seconds before they fouled. The Bobcats would get a 85-79 win.

Players to watch:


Matt Carroll: he has really been on fire in the review. He is normally a very good shooter but this review has proven he is a good defender and athletic. Carroll will probably be on the ‘Cats roster this season and should get decent minutes off the bench.

Bernard Robinson: He carried the Bobcats during a Dallas run in the third quarter. He can shoot the ball pretty good but is prone to looking to shoot first. Robinson will be in Charlotte next year but could be moved if the Cats keep their depth at the SG/SF position.

Antonio Meeking: very tough down low and likes to step out and hit jumpers. He has a hard time defending bigger players but has a quick fist step so can cause match-up problems the other way.

Alan Anderson: He may be a diamond in the rough. He does a little bit of everything, so that could induce some teams into looking at him this fall.


Pavel Podkolzine: He had a fantastic game using his height to his advantage. He needs to work on his foot work and he will pass out even if he has an easy hook. I reported the other day that he is weak under the basket, this may be due to the fact the guards don’t pass him the ball anywhere he can use it, a lot of their passes to him are knee level or so high he can’t jump and get them.

Filberto Rivera: He is your classic example of over-hyped college player. Rivera is having trouble at every aspect of the summer league. He may be best served by going to Europe.

DJ Mbenga: He had another very solid game, he needs to work on his rebounding and his offensive game needs work, but what impressed me the most about him is he is able to use his size and his long arms to intimidate players driving down the lane.

David Logan: Shot first ask questions later is his motto. He has potential but doesn’t even look for his team mates, just looks for shots.

San Antonio vs Atlanta

before the game started both teams put on a nice exposition of dunking which was very fun for the fans to witness, and who knew little Andre Barrett could throw it down like him can?

The Game started with the Spurs Justin Hamilton attacking the baskets, and the Hawks turning it over followed by the Spurs returned the favor 2 seconds later leading to a Josh Smith dunk. Arthur Johnson looked good again early getting a block and a lay-up in the first few minutes. But the Hawks kept turning the ball over early and this lead to a Britton Johnson lay-up. Arthur Johnson answer with a running hook making the game 9-6 Spurs. In the middle of the first the teams both played scrappy with players falling on the floor and Melvin Saunders hurdling the Hawks bench going for a loose ball. More Hawks turnovers lead to two Britton Johnson 3 pointers making the game 19-8 Spurs. Scoring slowed down in the last two minutes with the Spurs outscoring the Hawks 5-4 in that span, the Spurs would take a 24-12 first quarter lead.

The Spurs started the second quarter off slow, turning the ball over twice. The Hawks would miss a pair of free throws; something they would do all night, every Hawks run was ended by missed three throws. The Hawks would scored 5 straight points making the game 24-17 before Josh Smith got a huge block only to send the ball to Andre Barrett for an easy lay-up, this was part of a 8-2 Spurs run in the middle of the second giving them a 32-19 lead. The Hawks got with-in 10 but missed more free throws. The Spurs would go thought scoring droughts all night and during one of these droughts in the second the Hawks got the Spurs lead down to 6, but the Hawks poor free throw shooing killed their run. The Spurs would take a 40-29 halftime lead.

Britton Johnson who score 16 in the first half started the second half with a lay-up. The start of the third saw a lot of fouls being called on both teams, each team getting 6 of them called against them. The third quarter was also the Andrej Starosta quarter; Starosta would look like an all-star scoring 12 points on an array of shots including jumpers, lay-up and dunks, and the quarter also say some great defense being played by Starosta. The Spurs would go on an early 5-0 run before a Starosta shot was blocked by Arthur Johnson and Stoudamire split the D and gave it up to Johnson who was fouled. Johnson’s two free throws would end the Hawks 5 minute scoring drought that started in the lat second quarter. After Starosta’s personally 6-0 run the Spurs lead 53-36 when Marvin Williams broke free for a lay-up and a foul, which the foul shot was missed. Donta Smith also had a nice quarter, scoring all 6 of his points in the quarter and brining the Hawks with-in 8. Gyasi Cline-Heard played well down low for the Hawks starting in the late third quarter but would miss 10 free throws. The Spurs would have a 10 point lead going into the 4th.

Heard would start the fourth with a dunk and a missed free throw, the Spurs turned the ball over immediately afterwards and Heard got another easy dunk cutting the lead to six. Barrett felt the Hawks pressure all night but he did find Britton Johnson for a wide open three to increase the Spurs lead to 9. The Hawks would go inside to Cline-Heard but Andrej Starosta would block two shots before Heard would get a lay-up and get fouled, where he’d miss the free throw. The Spurs would hit another scoring drought as the Hawks went on a 13-3 run tying the score at 61. Melvin Saunders would hit a jumper giving the Spurs a two point lead, the next 2 ½ minutes where filled with rough play as neither team could get the ball inside, Saunders would hit 2 free throws giving the Spurs a 4 point lead. Gyasi Cline Heard caused the Spurs even more problems in the 4th as he would get a dunk, then be fouled down low and he actually made 1 of 2 brining the Hawks with-in 1. The Spurs turned the ball over their next possession and Salim Stoudamire raced down the court missing a lay-up but Josh Childress followed it up with a dunk giving the Hawks their first lead since the 1st quarter. The Hawks couldn’t get any closer than that, as the Spurs pulled away because the Hawks couldn’t hit their free throws. The Spurs would win 77-71.

Players to watch:


Josh Asselin: tough banger down low and will hustle. Not the greatest player on the team but one you’d like to have when you need to get physical.

Britton Johnson: He had another good game. He has a great chance of sticking in the NBA somewhere.

Ondrej Starosta: What a difference a day can make, Saturday Starosta looked as he didn’t know what he was doing, today he looked fantastic on both Offense and Defense. Starosta wont be in the NBA next year, but could be invited to some camps this fall.

Sergei Karanlov: He can block shots but the rest of his defense is really laxidasic. He can not pass for a European. He also doesn’t stick with plays.


Josh Smith:He had a really good first half before being injured. Smith still is raw and needs a little more time to mature.

Marvin Williams: He has really looked bad in the revue. He has been rebounding though and has been hitting his free throws.

Gyasi Cline-Heard: He is very strong under the rim but he makes Shaq look like a good free throw shooter. Heard is also a very good rebounder, but his size will keep teams away.

Utah vs Seattle

The Game started out slow with Utah taking a 2-0 lead after Kris Humphries missed a pair of free throw and Deron Williams hit a jumper. Andre Brown tied the score at two with a put back. The two teams each had mini runs early in the 4th with the Jazz taking a 7-6 lead with out 7:30 left to play, this would be the last time the Jazz would be even close to the Sonics. The Sonics went on a 7-0 run as the Jazz missed free throws, lay-ups and dunks in a 4 minute scoreless stretch for them; something that would foreshadow the night for the Jazz. The end was ended when Mike Wilkinson hit one of two free throws before Larry O’Bannon hit a trey from the right side. The Jazz bearly made 11 points, only achieving their 11th point when Wilkinson got an easy lay-up with 20 second left in the first. Even with the Jazz bad play the Sonics would only lead 21-11.

The Sonics started the second quarter by going into Noel Felix who dunked on an entire lethargic Jazz team and was fouled. He made the free throw giving the Sonics a 24-11 lead. The Jazz made a 4-0 run early in the quarter when Jack Ingram hit a jumper and Andre Owens got a lay-up. But the run was ended by a pair of Jermaine Blackburn free throws and more missed free throws by the Jazz. The Jazz picked things up mid-way in the second for a few minutes but they soon began to stand around, this was a problem all night for the Jazz. Their big guys just wanted the ball and didn’t want to move to get it, this gave the Sonics a lot of loose balls their way which lead to many easy baskets. A Robert Whaley Jumper made it 32-20 with 4 minutes to go, but the Sonics would finish the quarter on a 13-2 run which saw the Jazz miss 5 lay-ups and commit 3 offensive fouls. The Sonics would lead 45-24 going into halftime.

The Jazz looked like they might get things going at the start of the 3rd quarter. Robert Whaley got a hook shot and Robert Swift got called for an offensive foul which the Jazz turned into 2 more points their way making it 45-28. The Jazz aggressiveness lead the 5 fouls being called on Seattle in the first 2 minutes, but the Jazz couldn’t capitalize on going to the line as they missed 3 out of 4 free throws. The Sonics got the lead back up to 19 at this time before Kris Humphries was fouled making 1 of 2 free throws, the Jazz would actually go on to make 11 free throws in a row, but they allowed Seattle to score at will during this time so they made no ground up. Noel Felix played a hard nosed defense on Kris Humphries all night which caused Humphries to have a hard time in the paint. The Sonic guards also prevent the Jazz guards from going anywhere with the ball or giving it to a big man down low, most the time the Jazz guards were forced to pass it out high and then someone would take a bad shot as the shot clock wound down. The Sonics would lead 65-43 as the Jazz failed to score 20 points in three straight quarters.

The Jazz tried being aggressive at the start of the third but that did little to deter Seattle, the Sonics matched the Jazz point for point most of the 4th quarter except for a little 6-0 Utah run that cut the Sonic lead to 16. Both teams emptied their benches at the end of the game as it was garbage time and neither team cared any more. Seattle won the game 80-62.

Players to watch


Deron Williams: He needs to stop playing defense with his hands, if he doesn’t he is going to continue getting himself in foul trouble.

Robert Whaley: Solid big man, never will be much of a scorer he is just a big body you put out there to shove people around.

Kris Humphries: despite being pestered all night by Felix, Humphries did an alright job. He needs to work on freeing himself better, so he can get the ball easier.

Craig Forth: Only played who didn’t stink it up for the Jazz, that’s because he didn’t play.


Marteen Cleaves: He looked really good out there, he used his veteran leadership to control the game and get his team mates open for shots. Cleaves still needs to work on his shoot because he misses a lot of easy shots.

Larry O’Bannon: He can shoot, he hit a couple of deep threes and he can dribble penetrate. He is a liability on defense if its man-to-man, but he can play help defense adequately. He probably wont be in the NBA next year, but most defiantly the NBDL.

Noel Felix: He played a great defensive game on Kris Humphries, holding Humphries to only 12 points. His mind does wonder sometimes while he is on the court, a couple of times someone blew right past him as he was doing something else not related to the game.

Johan Petro: This guy has a long way to come before he can do anything in the NBA, he hasn’t figured out you cannot jump over someone’s back to get a rebound.

Written by:
Bran Faurschou