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Last time Devin Brown was inside the AT&T Center, it wasn’t even called the AT&T center. It was the SBC Center, and it was game seven of the NBA finals, and Brown wasn’t playing for the Jazz, but the soon to be crowned champion–San Antonio Spurs.

Brown makes his first and only visit to San Antonio tonight, as the Jazz(40-40) take on the San Antonio Spurs(61-19). Brown, who went to college in San Antonio, and played for the Spurs for 2 ˝ seasons, has been averaging a career best 7.6 points per game for the Jazz, He has appeared in all but one game for the Jazz, and has started 12 games.

Brown signed with the Jazz last September after the Spurs signed Michael Finley and it was apparent that Brown wouldn’t be getting many minutes if he returned to the Spurs. At first the signing of Brown was thought to be a very good move on the Jazz part, but Brown has struggled to learn the offense for most of the season. His poor play caused Jazz coach to sit him out of a game in mid January, after that Brown and Sloan had an off the court altercation. The Matter was taken care of quickly by both sides, and since than Brown has steadily been improving.

Brown has scored in double figures 24 times this season, including a 25 point effort against the Lakers in February. In another outing vs the Lakers, Brown may have made his biggest impact of the season, in a not so good way. Brown was playing defense on Lakers star Kobe Bryant, with less then 3 seconds left, Bryant takes a jumper which misses badly but, referee Ron Olisiak calls Brown for a foul. The Lakers would go on to win the game, a game that if the Jazz had back could have put them into the playoffs.

For the most part, Brown has been putting up career best in almost all statistical categories, including minutes (21.0), rebounds (2.6), assist (1.4), and points(7.6). Tonight Brown will receive his NBA championship ring, making him the second Jazz player to have a ring.

Written By:
Bran Faurschou