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Starting Lineup:

Mike Bibby: Great rebound year for him. He played most of the previous year hurt (the year Dallas eliminated us). In the first round he schooled Steve Nash. In Game 1 of the 2nd Round he schooled Sam Cassell. Sprewell kind of shut him down after that. Grade: B+

Doug Christie: Probably the best and most consistent King offensively and defensively the 2nd half of the year and the playoffs. Great postseason for him to help redeem himself for those airballs in Game 7 in 2002 against the Lakers. Grade: A-

Peja Stojakovic: Well early MVP candidate and even got one MVP vote at the end of the year. But struggled at the end of the regular season and the playoffs (again). Now he's had some good playoff games but overall 6 years in the playoffs and he's underachieved. Grade: B-

Chris Webber: Now, red and John, I think you guys were a little hard on Webber earlier. He's nowhere near 100 percent. I would say he's not even 75 percent. He's had more shots blocked this year that I've seen than the previous years combined that I can remember. He'll probably never be 100 percent again. But I think he'll be better next year than he was this year. He'll be healthier. And he deserves credit for gutting it up and playing as hard as he could with his limitations. And I still don't think this team gets past Dallas in the first round this year without Webber. Grade: B+

Vlade Divac: From the high post. Probably runs the offense the best. Definitely out of all the big guys and maybe even better than Mike Bibby and Doug Christie. His skills however have fallen off dramatically this year. And for the first time he was sulking on the bench instead of cheerleading when the Kings were winning (ie. Game 6). He didn't do anything the Dallas series. Grade: C+


Brad Miller: Made the All-Star team. Was a lot better passer than I thought. Sets screens better than Webber to get Peja open. His low post game is still nonexistant however. Needs to work on that. Got hurt in the 2nd half of the year. Really brought his game down. But got a 2nd wind late in the Dallas series when his elbow was finally feeling better. Grade: A-

Darius Songaila: I love this guy. I definitely want to see him back next year. Tough, young athletic. Helped save the Dallas series by coming in for Webber in Game 5 in the 2nd Quarter helping turn a huge 15 to 20 point Dallas lead and bring the Kings all the way back. Has a jump shot that he could use more often too. Grade: A-

Bobby Jackson: Good 1st half of the season. Some feel maybe he should have tried to play through the stomach injury. But his history of putting it all out on the line I think buys him collateral and give hims the benefit of the doubt in my mind. Grade: B

Anthony Peeler: When given minutes he produced. Can handle the ball a little. Didn't entirely fill the Jim Jackson void. I'm still pissed because he got suspended for Game 7 at Minnesota. He knows the Minnesota players and Wally Szczerbiak would not have gone off on him like he did Rodney Buford. That alone takes my grade down for him. Grade: B-

Gerald Wallace: I love watching the guy dunk. But very disappointing overall. The team got rid of two swingmen ahead of him in the pecking order, Hedo Turkoglu and Jim Jackson and Gerald still couldn't solidify a spot in the rotation. Never really developed a jump shot he needs to play in this league. Probably going to Charlotte. Grade: C+

Rodney Buford: He can score. And he's athletic. Something the Kings really lack. I would have liked him to have seen him get more playing time. He's probably going to be elsewhere next year. Grade: Incomplete.

Jabari Smith: Has a nice outside touch. Ask Flip Saunders about that. Adequate passer from the high post. Perfect for this offense. Might or might not be back. A lot of big guys ahead of him: Grade: Incomplete.

Kings Head Coach:

Rick Adelman: Has kept the team afloat with injuries all around year after year. I'm still bothered by the fact that he won't go deeper into his bench. You have a talented bench. Use it. Grade: B

Kings' General Manager:

Geoff Petrie: Pollard and Turkoglu for Brad Miller. That's all you have to say. Pollard has been on Indiana's bench most of the year and Hedo disappeared in the playoffs for the Spurs. Grade: A

Kings' Owners:

Joe and Gavin Maloof: Now if I was doing grades every year (and this is the first time that I've done it that I can remember, heh), I'd always give them A's but their decision to put a limit on their spending so Jim Jackson couldn't be re-signed really cost them I thought Jackson can play multiple positions, defend multiple positions. Can handle the ball. Improved his outside shot and brings toughness to the team. The Kings might not have beaten the Lakers with Jim Jackson but I bet they would be past Minnesota. Grade: B

Written by: Topher 17.