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1-Alonzo Mourning: Without a doubt Alonzo Mourning has been the best player for the Miami Heat. Mourning is currently the teams all-time-leader in scoring, blocks and rebounds. Mourning first came to the Heat in 1995 for Glen Rice. In his first tenure in Miami Mourning turned the Heat into a title contender. Mourning left the Heat in 2003 to join the Nets, but he would be back as he joined the team again in 2004.

2-Glen Rice: Glen Rice was the teams first star. He joined the team their second year, and lead them to their first ever playoff birth in 1992. He was also the first heat Player to average 20+ points per game, accomplishing the feat in 1991-92 with an average of 22 points a game.

3-Dwayne Wade: Currently Wade ranks third on the list, this will change as his career goes along. Wade was chosen by the Heat in the 2003 draft, when he was taken 5th overall, making him the highest picked Heat player since Steve Smith in 1992. Wade impact on the team was immediate, he turned a team that was im complete disarray into a playoff caliber team, and then finally with the addition of Shaq into a championship caliber team.

4-Tim Hardaway: Tim Hardaway brought his Killer-Crossover to Miami, from Golden State, in 1995 via a trade. He and Mourning helped transform the Heat into a contender. He lead the team in scoring, and assist in 1996-97, making him one of only a handful of players to ever lead their team in both points and assist.

5-Jamal Mashburn: Monster Mash was acquired by the Heat from the Mavericks in the 1996-97 season. He was a vital component of the Heat teams of the late 90s, He was always a second tier star to Hardaway and Mourning, but his rebound and defense was always a vital part of the Heat teams. He was traded to Charlotte for Eddie Jones.

6-Rony Seikaly: Seikaly spent his first six years of his career with the Heat, from their inaugural season in 1988 until he was traded 1994. In that time he became the teamís leader in blocks, and rebounds. Seikaly also finished in the top three in scoring every year he was with his heat, except in his rookie year.

7-Steve Smith: Smith was the 5th pick in the Ď91 draft, and he immediately began helping the team. In his first year on the team the team improved from 24 wins, to 38 wins and made the playoffs for the first time in team history. Smith was traded from the heat in 1994 to Atlanta for Kevin Willis.

8-Grant Long: Grant Long is long forgotten by Heat fans and NBA fans, sorry no puns intended. But Long had a solid career for the heat, last longer then almost any other player. Long first joined the Heat their inaugural season, and lasted until 1995. In his time in Miami he averaged double figures scoring, and provided the Heat another rebounder.

9-Eddie Jones: The Heat acquired Jones in 2000 from the Hornets in exchange for Jamal Mashburn. Jones came to a Heat team that was on the decline, where he quickly assumed the role of mentor to a lot of the Heat younger players. While with the Heat Jones, saw the dismantlement of one team, and the complete rebuilding into a new team. Jones lead the Heat in scoring from 2000 until 2004. In the summer of 2005 he was traded to Memphis for Jason Williams.

10-Shaquille O'Neal: Shaq being this low on the list may surprise many people, but as of right now Shaq hasnít done enough to warrant a higher ranking. In his one season with the Heat Shaq has put up marginal numbers, 23 points and 10 rebounds. Shaq may rise on this list in the coming years if he continues to contribute at a high pace.

11-Brian Grant: Grant provided a solid body for the Heat for four seasons. While he was never a scoring threat, his high in points per game being just 10 points per game, he provided a strong rebounder who could battle in the paint.

12-Kevin Edwards: Edwards was the first player to lead the Heat in scoring, averaging 14 points a game in 88-89. He saw his scoring numbers drop the next year when the Heat added Glen Rice. In his five seasons in Miami Edwards enjoyed great success as a secondary star, and averaged double figures all five seasons.

13-Billy Thompson: Most fans wonít remember Thompson, but he is another original Heat member. He played for the Heat from 1988 until 1991. In his time with the Heat he averaged double figures for two seasons and contributed about two assists and a block a game.

14-PJ Brown: Brown is another member of the later 90s Heat teams. But Brown is most famous for throwing Charlie Ward into the stands during an annual Knicks-Heat brawl, then for anything else he did in a Miami Uniform. Brown joined the Heat in 1996 and lasted until 2000. He provided the Heat with a strong, powerful forward who could score and get rebounds. In this role he fit perfectly with Hardaway and Mourning as the team made a run for the title in 97, only to be cut down by the Bulls.

15-Bimbo Coles: Coles first joined the Heat as a draft pick in 1990. His first year with the Heat was mediocre, but he soon began to excel into the point guard the team needed. By his third year in the NBA he was averaging double figures in scoring, though not a usual starter Coles became on of the teams most reliable players. He left the Heat after the 95-96 season, but would rejoin them in 2003-04. His last stint with the Heat last just 22 games, in which he averaged a little over a point per game.

16-Billy Owens: Owens joined the Heat in 1994, and quickly made an impact. His 14 points a game his first season was 5th on the team, but he finished third in rebounds, steals, and assist. Owens provided the Heat with a season and a half of solid all-around play, before being traded in the middle of the 95-96 season.

17-Isaac Austin: When Austin joined the Heat in 1995 his career was thought to be all but over, but while under the tutorship of Pat Riley Austin turned into the greatest 6th man in Heat history. Austin averaged double figures for both of his seasons with the Heat, and was named the NBAís most improved player of the year in 1997.

18-Sherman Douglas: Douglas was a second round pick of the Heatís in 1989, and Ironically he averaged more points per game, than did his first round counterpart Glen Rice. In his second year with the Heat Douglas lead the team in points per game at 17, that season also saw Douglas become the first Heat player in franchise history to average more than 10 assists per game. Douglas was traded to the Boston Celtics, shortly after the 1991-92 season began, for Brian Shaw.

19-Willie Burton: Burton joined the Heat in 1991, and averaged double figures in scoring his first two seasons with the Heat. His numbers began to decline after an injury in 92-93 which threatened his career.

20-Dan Majerle: Thunder Dan joined the Heat in 1996. Majerle was mainly a role player with the Heat, but at times he could score a lot of points quickly if the Heat needed him too. Majerle was also an excellent three point shooter, as well as free throw shooter. He left the Heat in 2001.

Written By:
Bran Faurschou

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