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For the past 3 years the NBA has revered the Los Angeles Lakers. the Lakers had won all 3 titles of the last 3 years, and every title since 2000. there time is up!

On Thursday night the San Antonio Spurs eleminated the 3 time defending champions infront of a sell out staples center crowd, who was shocked to say the least. the so very loyal and sometime obnouxious Lakers fans even went as far as to boo their team, who had their second largest home defeat in team history. some of the players where even crying at the end.

The Defeat spells the end to Phil Jacksons 25 series win streak, as well as the Lakers run of 13 concecutive series wins. this is Phil Jacksons first playoff series lost since 1995 when he was ironically beaten by the Shaquille O'Neal lead Orlando magic.