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They are the newest of the 30 NBA teams, formed in 2003. They are the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Bobcats history is thin at best, but in each of their first three seasons the team has gotten considerably better than the previous season. Their first season they won just 18 games, the next season that number jumped to 26, and just last season they finished with 33 wins.

The Bobcats were born out of the controversy of the Charlotte Hornets relocating after the 2002 season. Charlotte which had always had good attendance for its NBA games lost the Hornets because the city wouldn�t build a new arena for Hornets owner George Shinn.

The city of Charlotte was granted its second expansion team in fourteen years, only Chicago had a shorter period between expansion teams after the Zyphers(now Wizards) moved and the creation of the Bulls. Charlottes two years without basketball however does trumps Chicagos wait, the windy city had to wait four years between teams, but it comes no where near what Minneapolis had to endure, that city lost the Lakers in 1960 and had to wait until 1989 for a new team.

The Hornets expansion draft saw the franchise acquire many players which still make key contributions to the team today, they include Gerald Wallace, Primoz Brezec both of whom were starters last year. The Bobcats also agreed to take Predrag Drobnjak from the LA Clippers, in exchange the Clippers agreed to swap picks with the Bobcats, thus the Bobcats acquired the #2 pick in the 2004 NBA draft and would select Emeka Okafor.

Okafor is the first semi-star the team has had, though often injured he has quickly become one of the stat leaders in almost every category. Gerald Wallace should also be considered a semi-star for the Bobcats, Wallace is a solid defender for them and would likely get consideration for Defensive Player of the year if the Bobcats won enough games.

Like many teams now days, the Bobcats have a former NBA legend running their front office; his airness Michael Jordan. Jordan who had previously been the Washington Wizards General manager has tried to build the Bobcats around a solid core of Okafor, Wallace, Raymond Felton, Sean May and Brevin Knight. Jordan is the teams most recognizable face, and so it is his duty to try and help promote the team.