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The goal of NBA Hoops Online is to bring you unique basketball history and stats not found anywhere else on the internet. NBA Hoops Online, or NHO as it has been referred to, began back in 1997 as a place where I kept interesting basketball stats.

In 2003 is when I bought the domain name NBAhoopsonline.com. Before that the site had been hosted on several free services and under the domain name Rednecksbasketballpage.com.

Originally NHO was going to be an NBA site like pretty much any other site, but time constraints and the fact that this site is a one man show made that impossible. So in 2015, I shifted to focusing mostly on basketball history.

The shift to a primarily basketball history site was a logical one. The historical stuff on the site always drew in more hits than the current stuff. I also majored in history. Over the years there have been several staff writers who have contributed to the site. A few have even gone on to bigger and better things. But the main writer for the site is Branigan Faurschou.

I try to keep the pages as updated as soon as possible, but that is not always possible. Something I just do not have the time, and other times I simply miss the event or stat in question.

Who am I?

Branigan Faurschou

I am Branigan Faurschou, I have a B.S. in History from Weber State University and I do have a very successful career which does not involve history or basketball. For this reason, sometimes I do not focus as much time or attention on the site as I should.

I am a huge NBA fan, and specifically the Utah Jazz. My Jazz fandom is what actually lead me to creating a lot of the history content on the site. Years ago, there was only bits and pieces of information and I started putting them together to create a Jazz history. Eventually that branched out to other area's of NBA and basketball history.

I did give it a go at being a sports writer. I worked for several publications and had several things published in the mid to late 2000s. I covered the NBA Summer League extensively for several years as well. But that just was not for me. I enjoyed doing it, but the pay was not that great and job security did not exist. i got back into freelance sports writing again a few years ago for a local newspaper but that only lasted a few months before the publication closed.

I enjoy researching odd subjects in basketball history. I have found several interesting topics over the years and I try to bring those to my readers. If you can't tell I am also an atrocious speller. I am working on it however.

If you have any questions, comments or updates please reach out to my at BranFaurschou@NBAhoopsonline.com