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Welcome! To NBAhoopsonline.com, we hope you have enjoyed your visit here and found what you were looking for.

NBAhoopsonline.com began innocently enough back in 1997 as a place for me to keep interesting basketball information that I had found. The site was hosted on a free site called homepages back than, and maybe saw 1 or 2 hits a week. My goal was not to really entertain anyone but myself.

In 1999 homepages went under, like most sites during the time it was built on a false idea and couldn't sustain itself. Before it completely went under I moved all my information over to Geocities. it was about that time which my site began to get more hits, so I renamed it rednecksbasketballpage.

During the middle of 2001 the free page was getting so many hits that it would be down for most the day, so that prompted me to buy the domain name www.rednecksbasketball.com. the site saw a steady number of hits, but nothing to really brag about. However, in 2003 came one of our darkest times. Someone stoled our domain name and ruined about 100 pages of information. We fought with them and our service host for months before things got worked out. finally in the end I got the domain name back, and the hacker ended up going to jail; but the damage had been done. so in May of 2003 I registered the name www.nbahoopsonline.com.

The hacking ended up becoming a blessing in disguise, after I switched to the new domain hits jumped up huge. we went from about 300 hits a day with rednecksbasketball.com, to about 1000 hits a day with nbahoopsonline.com in just over a month.

Today we are one of the largest collections of basketball historical information on the internet, we get over 100,000 hits a month and we just keep growing. Today our goal is the same as it's always been, to provide great basketball information.

In 2015 I decided to focus mainly on NBA history, even though that had been our main emphasis for almost two decades. Now we have one of the largest collections of pre NBA information on the internet.