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NHO cited on the New York Times

On March 28, 2013 the Times ran an article about the passing of former NBA center Tom Boerwinkle. In their article they cited a page from NHO.


NHO article featured on WNBA official website.

On the October 18, 2005 blog up for the WNBA's official website the NHO article about Lusia Scott Harris was featured.

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  • NBA Boards celebrates 5 years

    5 years ago I started the very first board that would eventually become NBA Boards. Febuary 24, 2001 was the date, and it was early morning, I hadn't been asleep all night and I wondered onto ezboard.

    back then the main site was a free geocities site www.geocities.com/rednecksbasketball after I searched ezboard for a while, I decided to join and make a board. thus rednecksbasketball page was founded.

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    New look

    Over the next few weeks you will notice that the overall look of NBA Hoops Online.com has been changing. that is because we have decided to upload a nicer, cleaner looking skin. we at NHO believe the updates are in order, because the site has grown so large that the previous took to long to load for slower browsers. this new all white look will increase loading time for most of our users. in addition it will fit better with the overall look of sports related webpages.

    Exclusive photo gallery

    NBA Hoops Online is proud to bring you an excluse photo gallery. these photos have been taken by the staff of NHO at actual NBA games, and events.
    Currently all the photos have been taken from NBA games at the Delta Center, but in the next few months I plan on adding photos takes from the Palace at Auburn Hill, the Wacovia Center, the United Center, and even some taken from the NBDL's Albaquerque convention center.
    Feel free to look at the photos, but please DO NOT USE them without permission.

    NHO announcing new advertising set up

    NBAHoopsonline will be adding ads to the top area near the banner. for more information please read the entire article

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