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Year MVP Coach of the Year Rookie of the Year
1937-38 Leroy Edwards, Osh. Cliff Byers, Akron-GY Bob Kessler, Ind.
1938-39 Leroy Edwards, Osh. Paul Sheeks, Akron-Fire. Jewell Young, Ind.
1939-40 Leroy Edwards, Osh. Paul Sheeks, Akron-fire. Ben Stephens, Akron-GY
1940-41 Ben Stephens, Akron-GY George Hotchkiss, Osh. Ed Sadowski, Ind.
1941-42 Chuck Chuckovits, Toledo Lon Darling, Oshkosh George Glamack, Akron-GY
1942-43 Bobby McDermott, Ft W. Carl Roth, Sheboygen Ken Buehler, Sheboygen
1943-44 Bobby McDermott, Ft W. Bobby McDermott, Ft W. Mel Reibe, Cleveland
1944-45 Bobby McDermott, Ft W. Bobby McDermott, Ft W. Red Holzman, Rochester
1945-46 Bobby McDermott, Ft W. Lester Harrison, Roch. Goerge Mikan, Minn.
1946-47 Bob Davies, Rochester Lon Darling, Oshkosh Fred Lewis, Sheboygen
1947-48 Goerge Mikan, Minn. Murray Mendenhall, And. Marko Todorivich, Sheb.
1948-49 Don Otten, Tri-Cities Al Cervi, Syracuse Dolph Schayes, Syracuse

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