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Every wonder why the game is so hard to understand

Read the NBA Rules, and then you'll know exactly why its so hard to understand.

NHO would like to give thanks to Erin Amy for doing this, this is a big help to the site and a big boost to the basketball communites of the Internet. she took the time to copy down the entire rule book for our use. it took her nearly a year, but its done. I'd also like to thank the countless attornies, lawyers, owners, and commisioner who helped turn a simple game of putting a ball into a basket, into possable to most complex rule system for a game around.

Authors Quote

What are these people thinking? this is unbelievable! rule after rule after rule that contradicts the previous rule. how hard could it be to simple put: if the ball goes in the basket its worth 2 points. unless its a 3pt, or a free throw. if the ball go out of bounds, its out of bounds. simple rules like that? I see countless guys playing pickup games at the local school yard, and I know they dont play by these rules, yet they seem to be playing the best basketball in the world. its always fair, you dont have to worry about your stats, or what the ref might do. they play to have fun, and I think thats what the game was invented for. Erin Amy

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