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Midwest Basketball Conference 1935-36 
Leading Scorers 

Soup Cable, Akron 18g, 57fg, 38 ft, 152 tp 
Dudey Moore, Pittsburgh 16g, 59fg, 20 ft, 138 tp 
Leroy Edwards Indianapolis U.S. Tire 13g, 52fg, 33ft, 137tp 
Jack Shaffer, Akron 18g, 63fg, 10ft, 136 tp 
*Harold McCammon, Detroit 14g, 45fg, 27ft, 129tp 
Beanie Berens, Akron 18g, 48fg, 27ft, 123tp 
Slim Shoun, Akron 18g, 41fg, 33ft, 115tp 
*John Wooden, Indianapolis Kautskys, 10g, 25fg, 41ft, 101tp 
Hymie Ginsburg, Pittsburgh, 17g, 33fg, 21ft, 87tp 
Hank Williams, Buffalo, 15g, 30fg, 23ft, 83tp 
Claude Cribbs, Pittsburgh 17g, 30fg, 23ft, 83tp 
Dan Brenner, Pittsburgh, 14g, 30fg, 20ft, 80tp 
Bill Reeves, Akron, 18g, 32fg, 15ft, 79tp 
*Eddie Wisbar, Detroit 12g, 20fg, 23ft, 76tp 
*Frank Baird, Indianapolis Kautskys, 11g, 29fg, 15ft, 73tp 
*Norm Borton, Detroit, 12g, 29fg, 12ft, 70tp 
Marty Reiter, Pittsburgh, 17g, 28fg, 14ft, 70tp 
Charlie Shipp, Indianapolis U.S. Tire, 13g, 26fg, 16ft, 68tp 
Sibby Cortelli, Buffalo, 13g, 29fg, 7ft, 65tp 
Ed Garner, Akron, 17g, 26fg, 12ft, 64tp 

*Notes - McCammon, Wisbar and Baird missing totals from one box score. Borton missing two box scores. Wooden missing details of one 
game only points included but no fg, ft. 

Midwest Basketball Conference 1936-37 
Leading Scorers 

Jack Shaffer, Akron Firestones, 18g, 71fg, 12ft, 154tp 
Ray Morstadt, Akron Goodyears, 18, 58fg, 37ft, 153tp 
Bob Cope, Akron Goodyears, 18g, 55fg, 31ft, 141tp 
Soup Cable, Akron Firestones, 16g, 42fg, 41ft, 125tp 
Charlie Shipp, Akron Goodyears, 17g, 55fg, 6ft, 116tp 
Joe Leson, Warren, 14g, 48fg, 12ft, 108tp 
Bill Holland, Warren, 14g, 41fg, 25ft, 107tp 
Norm Wagner, Dayton, 16g, 43fg, 13ft, 99tp 
Leroy Edwards, Dayton, 11g, 33fg, 28ft, 94tp 
Beanie Berens, Akron Firestones, 18g, 33fg, 24ft, 90tp 
*Howard Stammler, Columbus, 7g, 21ft, 20ft, 89tp 
Bobby Colburn, Dayton, 12g, 34fg, 21ft, 89tp 
*Bill Sadler, Indianapolis U.S. Tire, 12g, 33fg, 17ft, 83tp 
*Pres Slack, Fort Wayne, 12g, 38fg, 7ft, 83tp 
Hymie Ginsburg, Pittsburgh, 11g, 38fg, 6ft, 82tp 
Mel Rush, Akron Godyears, 1 6g, 29fg, 19ft, 77tp 
Walt Stankey, Warren, 14g, 32fg, 12ft, 76tp 
*Scotty Armstrong, Fort Wayne, 11g, 31fg, 13ft, 75tp 
Johnny Pawk, Warren, 12g, 32fg, 10ft, 74tp 
Bob Kessler, Indianapolis Kautskys, 7g, 29fg, 14ft, 72tp 

* Notes - Stammler 2 games with points only, no details. 
Sadler, Slack, Armstrong - missing one game