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The BAA or Basketball Association of America was a precurser to the NBA. the BAA formed in 1946 joined with the NBL in 1949 to from the NBA.

First Ever NBA Game
Six teams from the BAA remain in operation in the NBA as of the 201213 season, three who co-founded the league in 1946 and three who joined it from the NBL in 1948. The inaugural BAA season began with 11 teams, of which four dropped before the second season. One ABL team joined to provide 8 teams for 194748 and four NBL teams joined to provide 12 for 194849. The records and statistics of the BAA and NBL prior to the merger in 1949 are considered in official NBA history only if a player, coach or team participated in the newly formed NBA after 1949 for one or more seasons.

The NBA generally considers BAA history its own. It celebrated "NBA at 50" in 1996, with announcement of its 50 Greatest Players among other things

Number of players:  295
Number of Teams:     16
Teams still in NBA:   6


Boston Celtics           1946-49; joined NBA;   Now one of the most successful NBA
                                             teams winning 17 NBA titles
Chicago Stags            1946-49; joined NBA    Disbanded in 1950 
Cleveland Rebels         1946-47 
Detroit Falcons          1946-47 
New York Knickerbockers  1946-49; joined NBA    Won two titles in the 1970s 
Philadelphia Warriors    1946-49; joined NBA    Now the Golden State Warriors 
Pittsburgh Ironmen       1946-47 
Providence Steamrollers  1946-49 
St. Louis Bombers        1946-49; joined NBA    Disbanded in 1950 
Toronto Huskies          1946-47 
Washington Capitols      1946-49; joined NBA    Disbanded in 1951 
Baltimore Bullets        1947-49; joined NBA    Disbanded 1n 1954; last NBA team to disband
Fort Wayne Pistons       1948-49; joined NBA    Now the Detroit Pistons, have won
                                                3 titles 
Indianapolis Jets        1948-49; joined NBA    Disbanded in 1949 
Minneapolis Lakers       1948-49; joined NBA    Moved to Los Angeles, have won
                                        14 NBA titles 
Rochester Royals         1948-49; joined NBA    Now the Sacramento Kings