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These Articles were writen and displayed on rednecksbasketball.com from 2001-2003. the site was a precursor to NBA Hoops Online and carried much of the same information you find here. there were also articles written for the site, but after the site moved to NHO in the spring of 2003, many articles were left behind. while the articles may not be pertitant any more, they are interesting to read. I hope you enjoy yourself while reading these blast from the past articles.
September 11, 2001
Should the NBA have an age limit for their players?, well first lets look at the success stories of high school to the NBA players. the first high school to the NBA player was Moses Malone, but Malone wasn't drafted into the NBA, but the ABA(american Basketball Association), where he played with the now disbanded Utah Stars. and eventually became one of the NBA premier players. other High school to the NBA players include, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnet, Rashard Lewis, Tracey McGrady, DeShawn Stevenson, Darius Miles, leon Smith, Jermain Oneal, Eddy Curry, Kwame Brown, and Tyson Chandler to name a few.

The Story of Moses Malone above is one of many success stories, but there are failures in this game as well, one being that of Leon Smith. Smith a first round draft pick by the San Antonio Spurs in 1998, was Traded to the Dallas Mavericks, on draft night. Smith's Story is the one of the worst Basketball failure stories of the past decade. three Months after being Drafted, Smith was reportedly found yelling obsenities in the street, and to some reports had painted himself green. Smith now lives in a mental Innstatute in Illinois.

The Most rescent High School to NBA Star to get into trouble, is Utah Jazz rookie Gaurd DeShawn Stevenson. In June of 2001, Stevenson was arrested in his home town of Fresno Califonia, for statatory rape of a 14 year old girl, Stevenson and a friend, DeShaun Anderson had a third party buy some alcahol, and got the 14 year old girl, and her 15 year old friend drunk, and then had sex with them. this case will goto court in September. this is the second time since being drafted by the Jazz, that Stevenson has gotten into trouble, Last june only hours after being drafted by the Jazz, Stevenson got into a fight with a friend, the Charges in this case where dropped, due to lack of evidance.

But for every faliure there are five success stories, one of the most famous now, is that of Kobe Bryant. Bryant originaly drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, was traded to the Lakers for Vlade Divac. but like most High School to NBA players, Bryant didnt make an immediate Impact. However he did lead all scores in the rookie allstar game in Clevland, and won the 1997, Slam dunk Contest, the Last of the Contest, until it was reinstated in 1999. for the first two season of his Carrer Bryant came of the Laker Bench, until the later half of the 1998 season. and that only after the Lakers traded Eddie jones to the Hornets for Glen Rice. also Bryant first three playoffs where mared by failure, Losing twice to utah, and once to the Eventual Champion Spurs. Twice being Swept. but the 99-00 Season would be Differnt for Bryant, he and the Lakers went a whooping 70-12, and became the NBA world Champion, bringing the Championship back to LA. for the first time since the Showtime Lakers of the 80s(the last title being in '88).

As you can see, most young Players need to Mature, only Kevin Garnet made an immediate impact, all others have had to play on average three seasons. three season which is the Average ammount of time an NBA allstar spends in College. so I would have to say, that Yes, the NBA should pose an age limit, the Limit should be at 21. 21 because the main cause of trouble for young NBA superstars, is Underaged drinking. and they would be Mature enoguh to hopefully obstain from the Drug use, alchol addiction, and fighting which has gotten most of them in trouble with the law. and futher more, instead of a team having to have a player who doesn't play often, but just fills up a roster spot, removed, would allow a much more divers League.

Article written by Rednecksbasketball

January 17, 2002
In 1979, the City of New Orleans lost the only Nation Basketball Assition team they have ever had. the New Orleans Jazz, but now, they may get another Chance.

8 months ago, the Charlotte Hornets where defeated in game seven of the Eastern Semi-Conferance finals. and everything look ok for the team. but after a season of disapointment after disapointment, the team is looking at options. mainly a way to get out of Charlotte.

Last Season after the City failed to pass an ordenance to build a new Arena the Hornets had talks about moving to New Orleans, but after the Grizzlies moved from Vancouver to memphis, they reconcidered.

the hornets have played in front of crowds as small as 900 people, and in other games they havent been selling out this season.

The move will have to be approved by the NBA.

May 25, 2002
the NBA could be back in Charlotte

Former Boston Celtics coach and GM M.L. Carr, former Celtics hall of famer, and former Indiana Pacers coach Larry Bird, and a Boston Area Millonair, want to put an expansion franchise in Charlotte N.C.

An Expansion franchise in Charlotte would bring the NBA up to 30 teams. the city of Charlotte who recently lost their NBA team to New Orleans, would need to garentee a new arena, in order for the NBA to grant them a franchise.

The Charlotte Hornets sold out around 300 straight home games in a 6 year stretch when they first began, so putting a Franchise in Charlotte makes sense.

The NBA will look into giving Charlotte a franchise after the playoffs, but the chances of the NBA granting a new franchise over the summer are slim. mainly because the NBA draft order has already been set. and the Owners would probibly set things behind, so they have time to prepare for the Expansion draft.

The Cost of the Expansion team, would range from $300 to $400 Million dollars, about a 50% increase from when Toronto and Vancouver joined the NBA in 1995.

Written by Bran Faurschou

Philadelphia 76ers all star gaurd Allen Iverson has been charged with a multitude of crimes including Assult, Assult with a Deadly weapon, and Domestic Violence. all the Charges could land Iverson in prison for 54 years.
According to police Iverson threw his wife out of their appartment, naked. the when she ran to his cousins, he can in, and broke into the appartment and threated them with a gun.
Iverson will stay in his apartment under house arrest, until his lawyer gets back from vacation on Thursday.

Written by E.Amy

July 19, 2002
#5 LaNeishea Caufield At 5'9 the Starzz 22 year old rookie was voted 5th best looking player.
#4 Kayte Christensen at #4 Katye sure belongs there
#3 Tricia Bader Binford The Vetran Bader-Binford makes our list at #3
#2 Sue Bird This is where it really got hard, but the Storm rookie makes the cut at #2
#1 Becky Hammon AND the #1 is:... Becky Hammon the Liberty gaurd was voted the best looking WNBA player by the staff at rednecksbasketball.com.
August 6, 2002
In the Purple Corner We Have the 18 year vet. Karl "the Mailman" Malone. 2 time NBA MVP, 2 time allstar MVP, 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist, one of the 50 greatest players ever, and the second alltime leading scorer in NBA history

In the Yellow Corner We have 10 year Vetran. Shaquille "Shaq Daddy" Oneal. Shaq a 1 time NBA MVP, and 1 time allstar MVP. Also one of the 50 gratest. he has lead the Lakers to 3 NBA Championships.

Now forgot all that. who was the best during their primes? Shaq or Malone?. Malones overall scoring was higher. but Shaqs rebounds and Assit just edge Malone. but Shaq played alot fewer games than Malone did. so Who is the greatest?

Tought question huh? their Stats are eriely close. one usualy is just decimal places higher than the other. they are both superstrong players who dominated the paint. but then again, Malones prime co-insided with the primes of Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olujuwon, David Robinson, and Charles Barkley. all dominators in the paint. and Shaqs prime is when there are really no dominate bigmen. but all in all his numbers are impressive.
So who s the greatest? well I dont think ones persons opinion is "all mighty". Jazz fans would say its Malone. Lakers fans would say its Oneal. but I am going to say it. the Greatest player of these two is:....

Karl Malone. on the fact that he had to go against alot of other great or good bigmen in their primes. and the fact that he played 82 games a year for 5 of 6 seasons.
Written by Johnny Blazer

September 5, 2002
Shaq may have liver problem
Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal may have a problem, a big problem. ESPN reported today that O'neal has posponed his toe surgery because doctors have discovered that Shaqs liver is not the way it should be.

Oneal a three time NBA finals MVP has never played a full 82 game season in his 10 year carrer, and its probible that it will be 11. even if there is no problem with O'neals liver he still has to have his nagging toe surgically fixed.

If you remember when Miami Heat Center Alonzo Mourning had a kidney operation, or when Spurs forward Sean Elliott had a Kidney transplant. both of them where out for the majority of the season, and never really recovered from the procedure. if the same where to happen to Shaq chances are slim that the Lakers could four-pete.

November 11, 2002
b>Saddams best dunkers.

#4 Tracy McGrady. "McGrady is like a wild M-2 Tank running around there on the floor. and when he gets airborn is like an A-10 comming to tear up bagdad. and there is no stopping him!"

#3 Vince Carter. "Halfman Half Amazing, right out scary. his jumpping ability is like a cruse Missle being launched from a dystroyer. and when he dunks one down on your head you fell like Tojo after the bombs being droped on Hiroshima."

#2 Jason Richardson "There is a reason for him getting on the and 1 tapes. this boy can flat out tear it up! seeing him flying at you if your the opposing defense is like being one of my soldiers holding a bamboo stick and seeing an F-16 comming at you. its just terrorfying."

#1 Kobe Bryant "Trying to stop Kobe on a Dunk is Like trying to stop an F-117. you just dont have a prey, cause he can go right, he can go left, and he can dunk on you straght on.

December 9, 2002
      After watching the recent NBA games I have to say, the NBA is fucked up! First off Lakers Center Shaquille Oneal can maul people in the paint, and never get called. but when Utah Center Greg Ostertag gets upset over a blantant non call, he gets ejected. in another game Sacramento's Chris Webber floors San Antonios Malik Rose, and Rose gets the foul! how Bullshit is this? hey Mr. Stern! is this really the kind of game you want played?

      A game where bad calls dictate the results, a game where a guy with a whistle in his hand, has more to say with the outcome of a ball game, then the guy with the ball in his hand? a game where street smart thugs make millions and a smart ball player cant even get floor time, even though they are equal. a game where Bonzi Wells can call Troy Murphey a Cracker and can get away with it, but if a white player where to call a black player a nigger he would be suspended. time and time again the NBA shows us, that the game is unfair. and is all about money, not the player, not the sports, not the teams, and sure the hell not about the fans!

      Time and again I find myself reading messages of fans, who think Shaquille Oneal is a better basketball player then Wilt Chamberlin. or someone tells me that Larry Bird wasnt that good, or that John Stockton has no game, or the Dr J, or Pete Marivich where just stepping stones. what is wrong with the NBA today? well I'll tell you! its that players care only about money. Take the recent incident with New Yorks Latreal Sprewell. he breakes his hand, and then refuses to tell the team how he does it. then when the team suspended him, he called them names. then you have Derrick Coleman who is constantly getting arrested for drunk driving, but the leage does little to repremand him. then you have the Portland "Jailblazers" a team who's players are always in the news for violating Local, State, or Federal laws. here are a group of paid professionals who beat women, rape women, smoke weed, and call the fans names, then represent the city. how Bullshit is that?!

      If the NBA would allow me to suggest something this is what I would tell them! the League should change its substance abuse policy to one strike, your out for the season, not like what they have done with Lamar Odom. and a second strike would be it, the player is banned from playing in the NBA again. any player who violates a law, should be suspened for no less then 10 games, and not be paid. and if it is something like Domestic violence, or Smoking weed, the Player should me made to go though a class, then they should be required to goto the local YMCA, YWCA, Boys and Girls clubs, Schools, etc.. and talk to the kids, telling the children that their actions where wrong. and if it is something like Rape, they should be kicked right out of the NBA. but only if they are found guilty in a court of law. I can see the NBA not taking any action until the courts have had a shot at prosicuting the crime.

      also what is the point of the salary cap? a personal pay check for David Stern? its ther but some teams dont obide by it. Portland and New York are almost to $100 Million dollars, and the cap is around 60 Million. the NBA should set a cap, and every team should be under it. and if they are, but only have 10 players, well tough luck! its time to make this game the way it was when Magic, and Bird played. and Equal game once again.

Written by:
      Lila E Richardson