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NBA Summer League
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The 2008 Rocky Mountain revue came to a close on Friday. The revue offered some good insight into the future stars of this league as well as future stars in Europe, the D-League, and China. Iím not going to dive deep into a recap of the Jazz-Mavericks game because it was a boring game with not much new insight.

2008 ALL RMR First Team

George Hill Guard. San Antonio Spurs
Hill lead the League in steals with three a game, and was eight in scoring. He proved that he was a good leader who could run an offense. I liken his game to that of teammates Tony Parker, except Hill is a much better shooter and defender. He did have a few bad moments because he was not use to playing against this level of competition, but overall he did a fine job and should beat out Jacque Vaughn for the back up point guard spot with the Spurs.

Anthony Morrow Guard Golden State Warriors
Morrow, an undrafted rookie from Georgia Tech, was a surprise to many at the revue. He has unbelievable ability to score for anywhere on the court. He lead the RMR in scoring with 21 points a game, while shooting 49% from the field. I expect Morrow has played his way into a contract this year, so expect him in the NBA next season.

Morris Almond Guard Utah Jazz
A scoring machine who helped one of the worst assembled RMR teams win 3 games. Almond scored nearly at will, averaging 18 points during the revue. One knock against Almond is that he doesnít pass, he had 3 assists during the entire revue and two of those game during the last game. Almond outside shooting was not as good as it was last year, he only hit 4 of his 10 three pointers but he does have a nice pull up jump shot and has amazing body control to get shots off.

Gerald Green Forward Dallas Mavericks
Green has the ability to score, getting 17 points a game, and he has a very nice jump shoot; but he has the worst attitude I have ever seen. Anytime he missed a shot, or committed a foul he would complain. In the first game of the revue he started to berate his teammates for missing assignments defensively. He did get better at this as the revue went on, and by the end was encouraging his teammates. He has a very low basketball IQ and that is going to hurt him in the NBA, but his shot selection did improve and so did his passing so there is hope for him.

Acie Law IV Guard Atlanta Hawks
Had a spectacular revue for the Hawks. He is more of a scoring point guard than a distributing one but he can dish out the ball. He lacks the great defense that some other top notch guards have in the NBA and that will cause problems He also struggled against the bigger-stronger point guards in the revue. Overall though, he had a great showing and Hawks fans can take some relief in that he likely wont be a bust.

All Revue Second Team

Jaycee Carroll Guard New Jersey Nets
He laid an egg in the first game of the revue but came on stronger as time went by. He can score and is a very good shooter. The Nets are trying to make him into the point guard and put a lot of effort into doing this, which to me suggests that they have some interesting in keeping him. Carroll was one of the crowd favorites because he is a local boy hailing from Utah State University(Logan, Utah).

Anthony Toliver Forward/Center San Antonio Spurs
Toliver had such a great summer league that he played himself right into a contract with the Spurs. Toliver is a big banger who can shoot. He also has a great basketball IQ. He is another guy who surprised me with his play, as I wasnít expecting much from him when the revue started. He has the potential to become a high energy guy off the bench for the Spurs.

Anthony Randolph Forward Golden State Warriors
He was a borderline first team player on many ballots. He is a big kid who can score and can rebound. His defense needs a little work but that can be worked on. I expect to see good things from him this year, as he looks to be that big strong forward the Warriors have been looking for.

Hamed Ehadadi Center Islamic Republic of Iran
Big dude who can rebound and use his size to get easy points. He is a little bit soft, but understands the game quite well. He was the only player on Iran who I thought might have a chance at the NBA. He did get hurt in the second game and didnít play much but his first game was magnificent. Had he not been injured he would have lead the revue in both scoring and rebounding, which is a pretty impressive feat.

Glenn McGowan Forward NBA Developmental League Ambassadors
He likes to bully people around to get shots, which works fine in the summer league but didnít work so well in his short stint in Philadelphia. He also has a nice outside jump shot for a big man. McGowan could possibly make a return to the NBA this year, but most likely heíll be in the D-League.

Aaron Miles(Dal), Douglas-Roberts(NJN), Rhodes(Dal), Bahrimi(IRI), Nelson(GSW),Othello Hunter(ATL)

The All Hugh Bust Team

Brook Lopez Center New Jersey Nets
He looked absolutely abysmal out there. He got lost on screens wasnít getting into the right offense sets and beaten down the court on a regular basis. The Nets have to be real worried here, he didnít look good at all. The only thing he did remotely well was rebound, and that had to do with his size more than anything.

Kyrylo Fesenko Center Utah Jazz
He looked confused on the court and his poor play lead to his minutes decreasing. He did improve his fouling situation from game 1, as he didnít get into foul trouble in any other game. But by the end of the revue, most his minutes were being eaten up by Fuller and Lyde. He has a very low basketball IQ as well, and very bad hands. Fesenko reminded me of Greg Ostertagís character from the movie Eddie, even going as far as having the wrong jersey on in the last game.

James Gist Forward San Antonio
Has bad hands and really wasnít all that impressive. I canít say much about him because he really didnít leave much of an impression on me.

Future Stars
Antony Morrow           Golden State
Anthony Randolph        Golden State
Morris Almond           Utah
Acie Law                Atlanta

Will be Starters in the NBA
Othello Hunter          Atlanta
George Hill             San Antonio
Gerald Green            Dallas

Solid Role Players
Jaycee Carroll          New Jersey
Kosta Koufos            Utah
Anthony Toliver         San Antonio
Brook Lopez             New Jersey
Ryan Anderson           New Jersey

Wont be in the NBA in 5 years
James Gist              San Antonio
Kyrylo Fesenko          Utah
Glenn McGowan           D-League
Everyone else

Official ALL RMR Team(as chosen by the media)
Anthony Morrow          Golden State
Anthony Randolph        Golden State
Morris Almond           Utah
Gerald Green            Dallas
Acie Law IV             Atlanta
Anthony Morrow          Golden State
Written by:
Bran Faurschou