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NBA Summer League
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Toronto and Sacramento was one of the funnest games I have seen in the two years of covering this league, it was really up and down good solid basketball. Though the referees did call the game a little bit to close.

Joey Graham of the Raptors put on a nice show offensively. He played in the paint a lot and that got him to the free throw line a lot, my biggest criticism for his game offensively is he needs to learn how to finish a play, he did really bad on that as heíd get hit and then go up soft. Defensively he was a bit to aggressive at times and that got him a lot of fouls. The Raptors other contract guy Hassan Adams struggled a bit, he cannot create his own shots and has a hard time getting open by himself.

The non contract guys for the Raptors had a pretty impressive game, especially Jaycee Carroll and John Lucas. Lucas is a capable pg and he does have NBA experience so that seemed to set him apart from the other guys on the Raptors squad. Jaycee Carroll is a fantastic shooter with a great knack for getting open. He reminded me of a white less athletic version of Reggie Miller.

The Kings contract guys carried them in this game, especially Spencer Hawes and Quincy Douby. Douby played well on both ends of the court and is able to get himself into the right place at the right time. Hawes really looked bigger than what I remember him from last year. He still is raw though, but he played good and used his size to his advantage. Jason Thompson, the Kings first round pick, also had a good game scoring 12 points and getting 8 boards but his size hurts him against bigger stronger guys like Graham of the Raptors. Sheldon Williams had a nice quite game for the Kings getting 16 points a 10 rebounds and playing some solid defense. The only contracted guy the Kings had who played bad was Patrick Ewing junior and he was horrendous. He just isnít NBA material and looked out of place in the entire game.

Matt Walsh was ok and was really the only none contract guy who played well at all. But he looks like heís 50 years old not 25. He is a good shooter, especially on catch a shoot type plays.

The second game was a complete headache and took forever to complete. The refs made this game extremely hard to watch because they thought everything was a foul. The passing in this game was the worst I have ever seen, either the passes were picked off or they went out of bounds, thatís when a player decided to pass the ball.

The Bobcats have a huge roster, there was about 15 guys on their bench, and they played more as a team than anyone I have yet seen so far. DJ Augustine looked superb out there, he really did a very nice job of control the pace of the game and played some great defense on Eric Gordon. Jamareo Davidson played a nice game for the Cats as well. Alexis Ajinca was dominated by Al Thornton, the guy really stood no chance because of his lack of upper body straight.

Of the non contract guys for the Bobcats only Othello Hunter and Orien Greene surprised me. Hunter has a big body and can use it well. Greene is very athletic but has poor fundamentals.

Al Thornton was a monster for the Clippers, some of it may have been Charlottes poor defense on him, but he is strong and nearly impossible to stop around the basket. Eric Gordon had a sub-par game from last night, he took a lot of bad shots and had a hard time with Augustineís defense.

Mike Taylor was the only other Clipper to have a decent game. Heís a poor defender and shooter but found himself in the right place at the right time.

The Sixers played their second game and they looked a bit tired from their game last night. They did get another good games from Marreese Speight, and they really should have gone to him more. He is a very good finisher and can create his own shots. Like Speight Thaddeus Young also had another good game, he was able to capitalize on a few mistakes by the Nuggets and get open for some spectacular dunks; but he cannot shoot worth a lick. He needs to learn how to make open 10 foot jumpers or he will really struggle in the NBA. Jason Smith played the same way as he did yesterday, committing a lot of fouls but playing decently on offense.

Once again Pat Carroll had a nice showing. Iím not going to say much about him because his game today mimicked his game from yesterday, which shows some consistency which is good.

Denver tried to play with a much higher octane offense than Philly, and it was a lot of fun to see. Sunny Weems, a second round pick their acquired from Chicago, had a really nice game off the bench. He is very athletic and knows how to move well without the ball. Taurean Green is the other player that the Nuggets have under contract and he was flat out crap. He can run and run well but is not a passer when heís on the run nor is a he shooter.

Dahntay Jones, who was a former first round draft pick by Boston, played very well for the Nuggets. It was he who really got them to build a big lead. He had a very good shot selection and played some solid defense. Keith Langford had a solid game for the Nuggets too, but heís a very bad shooter for a guard.

OJ Mayo really cut down on his turnovers in his second summer league game, in fact his entire game was elevated from yesterdays showing. He still needs to learn better shot selection and he does get scared when heís going in for a lay-up and a big man comes to help but those are all things which can be fixed. He is not a great defender but he tries hard, mostly he tries to play the passing lanes much like Allen Iverson does. Darrell Arthur struggled tonight, he just did not seem to have any energy in him at all, and he kept picking up hand checking fouls.

Once again PJ Tucker had a good showing. Heís a solid rebounded for someone his size too, and I think his play might earn him a guaranteed contract with somebody. Former Charlotte Bobcat forward Alan Anderson had a solid game too, he just likes the speed required for a NBA player.

The Bucks struggled in this game as a team, but their shining star was second year guard Ramon Sessions who had 12 points and 9 assists. He really has a knack for getting the ball to player when they are open, but what else am I to expect from a guy who got 20 assists in a NBA regular season game. I really like this kids play and he may end up being a steal for the Bucks and could give Maurice Williams a hard time in Milwaukee. While Sessions may be a steal, Joe Alexander may end up being a bust. He looked totally lost out there and could not pick up on the defense or offense which lead to a lot of fouls. For a big man he is a poor finisher around the hoop, he just gets scared to easily.

Matt Freije was the only non contract guys who was solid for the Bucks. He is a good shooter from long range but doesnít look to do anything but shoot.

Well, that is it for tonight folks. Iíll have another recap tomorrow

Written by:
Jessica Styen