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NBA Summer League
Las Vegas | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 |
Salt Lake. | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

I finally made it to Vegas about two hours before the first game, and oh boy is it hot. The first game I got to see was the Sixers and the Warriors, which was a very good game.

The Sixers contract guys played really well except for Jason Smith whom got 11 fouls, yes that is right he got 11 personal fouls because there is no foul limit in the summer league; funny rule but it keeps guys on the court. Marreese Speights is a very good player, he had a double double for the Sixes getting 22 points and 13 rebounds, but his defensive is really bad and he only focuses on the glamour part of basketball. Sixers second year guy Thaddeus Young lead all sixers scorers with 27, but he used his athleticism instead of basketball know how to play, by that I mean he is not a smart player and only did well because he has raw talent.

Only one of the Sixers non contract guys made any impression on me and it was Pat Carroll; brother of Charlotte Bobcats Matt Carroll. Pat played just like Matt, he shoots like him too.

The Warriors were lead by Anthony Randolph who was magnificent in the game. He got 30 points on 12-18 shooting. Marco Belinelli really struggled today missing about 10 shots. The only other contract guy from the Warriors was Brandan Wright and he shined in the game. He is a very good defender and can block shots, he is a lot of Atlantaís Josh Smith.

The Warriors have a lot of guys just trying to make the NBA, the one that was the best was Demarcus Nelson and he was only average. The Warriors do have many guys who have played in the NBA and just want to get back or get more minutes like former Sixer Louis Amundson who played some good defense but is very slow for a NBA player. CJ Watson, who played for Golden State last year, is a very bad point guard, he cannot run an offensive efficiently and is easily forced into mistakes when pressued.

I was more excited about the second game than the first because I really wanted to see OJ Mayo play. Mayo had an ok game, but he is a turnover machine, he was constantly dropping the ball and could not handle pressure from the defenders. The Grizzlies other first round pick, Darrell Arthur had a good game too, but he was hampered by fouls and ended up with 11 of them; most of which came because he needs to learn NBA defense. Former Toronto Raptor PJ Tucker had a good game for the Grizzlies scoring 17 off the bench, and he appeared as the most NBA ready player on the Grizzlies roster.

The Hornets were pitiful out there, as a team they committed a lot of turnovers but the worst by far in the turnover department was Julian Wright. Wright had a hard time dribbling the ball inside the offense, it looked as if the Hornets were trying to switch him into the point guard position but he just was not ready for that job yet. Hilton Armstrong looked crappy as usual, he has no clue how to play defense with his feet and just commitís a bunch of stupid fouls. The Hornets team just looks like a teams whose sole purpose in this summer league is to get their contract guys some playing time, so do not expect much from them.

The Lakers have a rather large roster for a good NBA team in the summer league, but half their guys were not there. The Lakers only had two guys who they have rights to on their summer league roster; They have George Karlís son Colby who played for them last year, and they also have second round pick Joey Crawford. Karl looked decent, he is kind of a Ray Allen type shooter who excels at coming off screens and then shooting but struggles creating his own shots. Crawford looked like the waste of a pick that everyone thinks he was. He didnít hardly play defense at all, and was out of place on offense.

The Lakers did have a couple of non contract guys who looked good. Former Spur James White struggled offensively, but he showed some glimpses of good defense. Dwayne Mitchell also looked very good for the Lakers, he is a very confident player who is sort of a combo guard, and was very aggressive.

The Pistons were dominated by their contract guys, namely Rodney Stuckey. Having Stuckey in this league is a bit unfair, he is just that much better than everyone else that he is going to pretty much have a field day against who ever he plays again. He does need to work on his shot selection, but his shooting percentage was a bit misleading because he shot many shots as the clock expired. Aaron Afflalo played a good game as well, he needs to figure out offensive timing, and especially needs to pay attention to the shot clock, but he looked very solid out there. Amir Johnson is still very raw, and struggles on defense a lot. But he has some size and uses it a little bit. Trent Plaisted may be a steal for the Pistons, heís a lot bigger than he looks and is very good on defense. I think he is going to give Amir Johnson a run for his money for minutes this season.

Will Bynum was the only guy without a contract that caught my attention from the Pistons squad. But his problems are well documented and nothing has changed with his game. I honestly do not see him doing anything at all in the NBA, if he ever makes it back.

Finally the last game was between my Mavericks and the Clippers, but it the outcome was not as good as I had hoped.

No body stood up for the Mavericks, it was just a horrible shooting night. Gerald Green, who the Mavs signed a few days ago, has the athletic abilities but is a horrible shooter. The two guys the Mavs signed right before the game(Keith McLeod, and James Singleton) both stunk it up horrible, especially McLeod. McLeod can run an offense but he is a bad bad bad I must repeat bad shooter.

Eric Gordon was awesome for the Clippers, he did everything and could be the early candidate for ROTY. He is bigger than he looks too, he was able to post up McLeod a few times. The Clippers other contract guy Al Thorton was awesome too, heís a beast down low. Former Mav Nick Fazekas did alright, but he needs to post up more and stop playing outside so much.

That is all I have, I will write another story tomorrow.

Written by:
Jessica Styen