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Rick Carlisle: Why the Former Piston should be "Pist" off
By: R.Sherwin 5.31.03

Joe Dumars, former Piston, fired Rick Carlisle, former head coach in Detroit, just a day after his team went to the Eastern Conference Finals, only to be swept 4-0 by the Nets. Sure, a sweep looks bad on a resume, but winning 2 tough fought series' before that, and going 50-32 in a back-to-back Division Championship year in 2003 following last year's Coach of the Year honors makes the situation seem crazy! Larry Brown, former 76ers coach is soon to be named the head coach in Detroit, but many fans feel that Rick Carlisle should at least be able to finish up his contract, extending through next year. You can not expect a coach to lead a team to the Finals, and fire them for any performance under those standards. I hope the state of Detroit and all Piston fans let the organization know how they feel.

On another note, Detroit received the number 2 pick in the 2003 Draft from the Memphis Grizzlies, and will be able to make a huge impact on their team with the likely Darko Milicic addition. Carlisle made the steal trade to get this pick for his team, not for Larry Brown. This transaction was an outrage, and should make many fans and personnel very mad. Good thing 8 other teams need coaches, huh Rick?