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Who is Better: LeBron or 'Melo?

By: R.Sherwin 5.30.2003

The question every one has on their minds is "LeBron or Carmelo?" While everyone is wondering, the opinion only matters to one franchise, and one GM...The lottery-winning Cleveland Cavaliers. A 6'8 Hummer-owning, jersey stealing HS wonder, or a 6'8 National Championship owning freshman out of 'Cuse, who has already proven he can make it in the big time? Of course, the Cavaliers had a "rough" year, to say the least, and are probably looking for a boost, on the court and in the stands. The hometown fav is almost guaranteed a Cavs jersey with the bold '23' written on it, but would this be the best choice for any other team? The Cavaliers have Miles, Wagner, and Davis, three strong 1 and 2 guards that have some experience under their belts. Where does LeBron fit into the equation. A 6th Man? Fans don't come to see him sit the bench, they want to see him play. Carmelo could fill the 3-Hole, and 'Big Man' absence that they have.

An Anthony, Ilgauskas, Mihm combination down low could not only be a powerful, solid improvement, but could give them three options in the paint, as well as an easy kick back for the jumper in Carmelo. Of course, what we and others say will not change Cleveland's mindset, or cause Stern to announce another player to the stand on draft day, but why not play the "What If?" game. We're fans, right, and fans are what make the NBA the incredible organization that it is today. So no matter who is better, the question that will run through our heads until 2004 when the Rookie of the Year is announced, one thing is for sure -- Cleveland's finally got some fans.