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The shooting guard position in the 1990s was one of great disparity. There was the one man who dominated the game and the position like none other, and then there was two other great but not as great players behind him and finally there was a plethora of solid but not great shooting guards. The one man who dominated the decade was His Airness, Michael Jordan.

Jordan may be the most recognizable of all the shooting guards on this lists, but the others were fantastic players in their own rights and nearly all of them went against Jordan at least once in the playoffs.

10. Nick Anderson
A player whose appearance on this list may surprise many. Anderson was never an all-star or all NBA player but he was a solid shooting guard who contributed to many very good Orlando Magic teams. He made an appearance in the NBA Finals, and the hall of shame in 1995 where despite being a very good free throw shooter, he missed to clutch freebies that allowed the Rockets to win the game and ultimately the Championship.

9. Hersey Hawkins
Hawkins is a player most have forgotten about, but he was a formidable scorer and a one time All-star. Hawkins was the team leader for the Sixers after they traded Charles Barkley averaging 20 points a game for three seasons before going to Charlotte and taking the job as a role player. Hawkins was always a solid role player and in 1996 he was a key player on the Seattle Sonics team which made the NBA finals.

8. Joe Dumars
The nice guy on the bad-boy Pistons, Dumars became the hero of the 1989 NBA finals where he captured the MVP trophy. Dumars was a six time NBA all-star and retired from the Pistons in 1999 to take a job in the front office. He was elected to the NBA Hall-Of-Fame in 2006.

7. Latrell Sprewell
One of the most talented players of the 90s, Sprewell had attitude problems which hurt his on the floor performance; most notably being when in 1998 he choked his head coach PJ Carlisimo. Despite these short comings, Sprewell was a solid player making the All-star team four time and making the all NBA team in 1994. Sprewell was awesome part of the 1999 New York Knicks which were an eight seed that made a run to the NBA finals only to lose to the Spurs.

6. Jeff Hornacek
A deadeye shooter who twice won the NBA’s three point contest, Hornacek was a key contributor where ever he went. He was a one time All-star while playing for the Phoenix Suns in 1992. As a member of the Utah Jazz he made two NBA finals appearance in 1997 and 1998.

5. John Starks
Offensively Starks was just an average player at best, but he was a fantastic defensive player giving players like Michael Jordan a hard time in the playoffs for many years. Starks defensive tenacity is part of the reason the NBA outlawed hand checking in the mid 1990s. Starks was a one time All-star while playing for the New York Knicks in 1994, the same year he and the Knicks made the NBA finals

4. Mitch Richmond
Some may be surprised to see him here, but Richard was the most proficient scoring guard in the NBA in the 1990s. His 16,173 points between 1990 and 2000 put him well ahead of Reggie Miller in that department and he has nearly 1,000 more points than Jordan. Richmond was a six time all-star with the Kings and Wizards and a consistent 20 points a night scorer with a career high of 26 points per game in 1997. The biggest knock on Richard was that his teams were always bad. The Kings made a playoff appearance in 1996 but lost in the fist round, but his last year in the NBA he did win a title with the Los Angeles Lakers but appeared in only two playoff games. He was also the 1995 All-star game MVP.

3. Reggie Miller
The second highest scoring guard in the decade behind Richmond, Miller was 5 time all-star and helped guide the Pacers to the 2000 NBA finals. He played his entire career with the Pacers and that may have hurt him in getting recognition because 5 times in his career did he average over 20 points a game and did not make the all-star team. Miller was also a fantastic shooter, he loved to curl off of screens and knock down the three ball.

2. Clyde Drexler
The Glyde is one of the most successful players of the 90s, he won a NBA title with the Rockets in 1995 and was 7 time all-star in the 1990s and made the All-NBA team once. He helped Portland make the finals twice, once in 1990 and again in 1992.

1. Michael Jordan
No player dominated the 90s like Jordan. Jordan did not just dominate the NBA in the 90s, he dominated the sports world and pop culture as well. He was the most marketable player of all-time, and is still doing premier commercials nearly five years after he last played basketball. Jordan’s accomplishments are well known, he won six NBA titles with the Bulls, was a 7 time all-star between 1990-2000, despite retiring twice in the decade, and won four of his five NBA MVPs in the 90s.