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Proven Texas Holdem Poker Playing Tips

Whether playing for real money, or just for fun, it is important to understand the rules and guidelines to play texas holdem poker.

Playing poker can be fun, and texas holdem is the most common type of poker. It is a game of strategy, and sometimes a game of chance. It is possible to win large amounts of money, however it is also possible to lose, so people should never gamble more than they can afford to lose.

Types of Texas Holdem Poker Games

Texas Holdem can be played manually with actual cards on a table, or players can play online poker. Whichever is played there are different types of game. They are:

Fixed limit - This is common in casinos. The amount of money that can be bet or raised a set for each round of bets. For example for a $5 - $10 fixed limit game of poker, people can initially bet or raise $5, then as the game continues can only bet or raise $10.

No limit - This type of texas holdem poker is very straightforward. Basically, players can bet or raise any amount. This is common in online poker games.

Pot limit - In these games, the maximum amount that can be bet or raised is the amount that is in the pot at that time. This type of game can get out of control with ease, allowing players to bet large amounts of money.

Spread limit – This is common for people playing poker at home. Players can bet any amount within a specific range. For example, if the range is $2 - $10, then the minimum bet is $2 and the maximum that can be bet or raised is $10.

How to Play Poker

1. To learn texas holdem poker follow these simple guidelines:
2. The dealer shuffles a pack of 52 cards.
3. Prior to the cards being dealt, each player puts money into the "pot", which is usually in the centre of the table. This can be done by an "ante" or by "blinds". An ante is where every player puts the same amount into the pot, this is not a bet, it is just getting the pot started. Blinds are where players make a bet into the pot before even looking at their cards. The player to the immediate left of the dealer places a small bet (the small blind) then the person to their left places a bet of double that amount (the big blind).
4. The dealer deals each player two cards face down on the table.
5. The person to the left of the "big blind" person can chose to call, raise, or fold. Then each person takes turn (going anti-clockwise) to call, raise, or fold.
6. The dealer deals three cards into the centre of the table face up. These cards are called the ‘flop’. Each person should try to use these cards in combination with their own card to make a good five card hand. This hand can be both of their own cards and three of the cards on the table, one of their own cards and four of the cards from the table, or all five table cards and none of their own cards.
7. Beginning with the player to the left of the dealer, each player takes their turn and can either check, bet or fold.
8. The dealer deals another card face up on the table, this is known as the ‘turn’ in Malaysia sports betting.
9. Players again take turns to check, bet or fold.
10. Another card is dealt face up on the table, this is known as the "river".
11. Players take turn to check, bet, or fold. The players left playing all show their cards and the player with the best hand wins that round of the game. The hands must include the cards in the centre of the table. If two players have identical hands, they share the pot. Hand rankings are listed below:

  • Straight Flush - 5 cards in numerical order of the same suit
  • Four of a kind - 4 identically numbered cards
  • Full house - 3 identically numbered cards and 2 identically numbered cards
  • Flush - 5 cards of the same suit
  • Straight - 5 cards in numerical order (differing suits)
  • Three of a kind - 3 identically numbered cards
  • Two pair - 2 identically numbered cards, twice
  • One pair -2 identically numbered cards
  • A high card - An ace or similar high card with no pairs etc

    Once the basic rules are learnt, players can learn to ‘bluff’, which is where players pretend that they have a good or bad hand. They use facial expressions, and bet amounts to deceive the other players. When gambling always remember that it is just as easy to lose as it is to win. Results are not guaranteed. But if people feel ready to take on unknown players, then there are a variety of online poker websites for real money and for fun / play money. For more information visit greetingsus.

    Gambling is addictive. If people feel that they are becoming addicted to gambling, or cannot stop playing games such as poker, they should seek advice regarding this.

    The Dark Side of Poker

    If you have played poker for any length of time you have at one time experienced what is termed a bad beat. A bad beat is when you and another player are in a hand and you have the highest percentage of winning the hand to a large degree but get beat by a lesser hand on the turn of a card.

    For example you are playing Texas Holdem and you get dealt the pocket rockets-Ace-Ace. You know that no matter what hand the other player has you have the best chances of winning the hand. Therefore your position becomes extracting the most chips from the other player. You can't be too aggressive or they will fold. You and the other player both have around the same number of chips at the start of the hand. You are in the big blind so that you can just call and disguise the strength of your hand. Instead you choose to put in a small raise to make the other player think you are just trying to steal the blinds. The other player stays with you.

    The flop is Ah, 6s, 8c. You now have trips. You still don't know what the other player has but feel safe in raising the pot again. You are surprised to find the ace on the flop didn't scare away the other player when they call your raise. The Fourth Street is dealt and it is a 2d. You know there is no flush possible. There is no straight on the board and at the moment you hold the winning hand. You raise the pot and the other player once more stays in.

    The river turns up an 8d. You now have a full house. You use all of your poker savvy skills to not jump for joy. You raise the pot once more. When the other player goes all-in you are thrilled. You are going to take them out and get all of their chips. You call the bet and slap down your aces. The other player turns over a pair of eights. They hit four of a kind.

    You get that sick to your stomach-hit in the gut feeling only a poker player understands. That is a bad beat. Just like winning a race, hitting your flush and flopping the nuts bad beats are a part of the game. They are just the part of playing poker that hurts the most.