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NBA 2023, main predictions

The NBA 2022/23 season is anticipated to take us on the edge, with all the excitement and all the eagerness to see which teams will dominate the Eastern and Western Conferences and which teams will eventually make it to the finals.

Betting sites are on the rush now, compiling odds and creating markets to cater to the needs of their users and provide them with lucrative offers. Basketball betting is generally very popular in several countries all over the world, including Malaysia where it sits at the top of punters’ preferences. In fact, basketball bet Malaysia is one of the most attractive markets and this is especially true when we are talking about the NBA.

Here are the main predictions for the NBA 2022/23 season, including both the favorites to make it to the finals and the favorites to win the trophy.

Predictions for the Eastern Conference
In the Eastern Conference, the team standings now place the Celtics at the top of the table, followed by Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets. From a betting perspective, sportsbooks and betting sites see the Celtics as the strongest favorite to win the East Conference, followed by Nets and Bucks together and then by 76ers

In fact, the Celtics are said to have 36% chances of getting to the NBA finals, the Nets and the Bucks each have approximately 20% of making it and the 76ers around 10%.

It is true that the Boston Celtics have showcased a stunning performance and they deserve to be on the top of predictions of bookmakers. Also the Nets will want to take revenge from the Bucks and the 76ers are admittedly doing a really good job this season in most of their appearances. So, it remains to be seen.

Predictions for the Western Conference
In the Western Conference we have the Denver Nuggets, the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies contending for a spot in the finals. The Nuggets parade as the stronger favorite, with 20% chances of making it to the end and claiming the trophy, but they are only short in distance with the Warriors and the Grizzlies, each of whom is being given nearly 11% chances of getting there.

The Golden State Warriors, as the reigning champions, have a burning desire to defend their title and so they are more than expected to give everything they’ve got in the games. Although this might put more stress on the shoulders of the team, it might also be a strong motive which can lead them to retain their championship.

Predictions for the Finals
Kicking off on the first day of June 2013, the NBA finals will surely surge our interest and our excitement as fans and bettors. After a seven game schedule running through nearly 18 days, we will get to see the NBA 2022/23 champion. Who will it be?

With the current standings and the odds set by sportsbooks, we can see that the Boston Celtics are the favorites to get the title. The implied probabilities for winning the competition amount to 17%, making them the team to most likely mark the promotion with their victory. They are followed by the Bucks and the Nets, with 11% chances of becoming the champions of the NBA 2022/23 season each and then by the Grizzlies with 10% chances.

Whoever gets to win the NBA finals will surely come a long way towards the end, particularly as we are talking about absolutely top of the top basketball teams.