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Top 5 NBA MVP Seasons In NBA History

So, as far as working out your NBA odds goes- you are naturally going to want to take into account some of the best MVP seasons in the whole of the NBA's history. Here's the thing, each season of the NBAs brings in more excitement and more fun, and every single year the stories and the narratives of the games differ for each player. Now, let's break down the top five NBA MVP seasons of all time.

In fact, Kareem Abdual-Jabbar owns the most MVP awards in the whole of the league history with a grand total of six. In addition to this, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell have five MVPs, and LeBron James and also Wilt Chamberlain have four career MVPs.

1. Michael Jordan

Between the season of 1987 to 1988, which was merely the fourth season of his whole career, Michael Jordan had the greatest season that any player had in the whole history of the NBAs. And, this was only playing offensively!

During this season, Michael Jordan upheld the league in terms of steals - and he actually had a record of 1.6 blocks in each game. However, what was actually more commendable was that he actually got named as being the league's Defensive Player of the Year. In fact, Jordan is one of just two players who has obtained the titles of NBA MVP and the DPOY award in the same season.

In fact, his PER for this season was the best ever and this was since the league's merger with the ABA, of course. Also, Jordan had led the league in eighteen categories, as well as this he ended up practically tripling the points that the second-leading points scorer on his team achieved. And, with such a great team he actually achieved FIFTY wins.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

During the season of 1971-72, Kareem was at the top of his game. This was the season where Kareem actually registered a career-best in terms of points per game for a season of playing. Watching Kareem gave the impression that scoring was plain sailing for him, and this was all down to how unstoppable he was.

He really showed off his best move, the skyhook - and this along with some of his craft moves meant that he progressed onto becoming the league's all-time scoring leader.

3. Stephen Curry

Curry had to get recognized by us for his performance during the 2015-16 season, and this guy is the only unanimous MVP in the whole of the league's history. In fact, offensively this was one of the best seasons ever by any kind of player.

However, something that can't actually be noticed in his averages throughout the entirety of his record-breaking 402 three-pointers for the whole season. However, putting this into perspective means that he has four of the top five slots for the most three-pointers in a single season.

Let's not totally forget about the seventy-three wins either…

4. Shaquille O'Neal

Between the season of 1999-2000, O'Neal was a true leader in the NBA. Be it scoring, or field goals, or be it field-goal percentage, or be it finishing second in the total rebounds - O'Neal was practically unstoppable.

It did not matter whether O'Neal was in post or whether he was in transition - before this season came to play, he had already secured his place as being a dominant and an offensive player. However, this was the season where he actually showed off his defensive strengths.

Here's the thing, O'Neal had a supporting cast that he had to let help him out so that he could obtain these incredible averages. Of course, these averages were led by Kobe Bryant.

5. LeBron James

Between the 2008-09 season, a twenty-four year old James really took the league by storm. He had a great team supporting him and this allowed him to really play to his full potential. He led the league in PER, and he also ranked second in scoring. He also finished in the top ten in assists and also in rebounds.

Ultimately, his win-shares are the fourth best since the NBA-ABA merger came about. However, if these sports stats have not been enough for you then you should remember that he really carried the Cleveland Cavaliers to a league-best of sixty-six wins. In fact, he also helped lead the team in terms of their points, as well as their rebounds and their assists, steals and also blocks.

At this time, this was only the fourth time that a player had ever done this in the whole of the league's history. And, this was the first of four MVP's that James had got in his whole career. This was the stage where he had really transformed into a great player.


Thinking about the history of the MVP award can help to instill the sense of prowess and commendation that the award commands. This award is decided upon by a panel of voters who are made up of sportswriters and broadcasters who are from America and Canada.

Being awarded MVP gives a player recognition and also commendation for the dedication that they have put into the game.