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Basketball themed interior design tips

The love of basketball should be manifested not only in clothing and accessories, but also in the home interior. In this regard, here are 10 tips collected by our team, which will help you create a stylish basketball environment in your room or even home!

Basketball ball on the wall
This is one of the main elements for creating a basketball interior. In almost every fan shop, you can buy a retro-style ball with the logo of your favorite club or autographed by your idol. At the same time, it will perfectly fit into both modern and classic designs. It can be placed both in the bedroom, living room or even WC.


Bed sheets
The most common element of a home interior centered around basketball is the bed linen with the logo of your favorite team. Every popular basketball club has one for sale. It is not suitable for a classic design, but it will go well with a modern interior in a teenager's room.

Basketball ring
This is an ambiguous decision and each fan decides for himself whether to use this element in their interior. On the one hand, any of the guests who come to your house will immediately find out about your sympathy for basketball. Still, remember that not everyone can avoid meeting with a ring hanging at eye level.

Moreover, the choice of sports equipment for installation in a room depends on the safety parameters of this or that equipment, and the size of the flat in general is also an equally significant factor in choosing.

Selection rules
When choosing a basketball ring, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • material of manufacture: it must be of high quality, some manufacturers make beautiful products, however, their performance properties leave much to be desired (metal rings serve best);
  • rim thickness: a standard quality ring should have a thickness of 0.30 in.
  • if the projectile is shock-absorbing, pay attention to the spring, it should be stiff enough.

    It is quite simple to install a basketball ring. It all depends on what kind of equipment you choose, but there should be no difficulties. Ring installation can be done in two ways:

  • using fixing bolts or dowels;
  • with the help of a special provided mechanism;
  • to the floor if the ring structure has a special foot.

    Fastening with special bolts is probably the most difficult way, because there you need to take into account how evenly the projectile is hung, as well as the strength of the material, which is the basis for installation.

    The installation of the swivel is simpler and more practical. The first advantage is that you do not need to drill the base for installation, this is especially handy if you live in a rented apartment, and the lease does not provide that you have the right to perform such work. The second advantage is that after removing the projectile, there are no traces that it was there at all. The third advantage, if you want to make cosmetic repairs, it will take little time to dismantle.

    Mounting the ring into the floor is also one of the easiest ways. If the design of the projectile provides for such an installation, that is, the possibility that its fastening is not required at all, fastening in this case is necessary only in order to achieve additional safety. By fixing the projectile to the floor, you will be sure that the entire structure will not lose stability and fall on the child.

    Bright print or wall sticker
    Turning back to the simple solutions, the easiest way to show your basketball liking is to opt for a sticker or wallpaper with a basketball theme across the room to add a touch of ambiance to the interior.


    Computer chair
    The chair is a rare commodity in basketball fan shops. NBA fans in the United States are more fortunate than others. For fans on the other side of the Atlantic, a similar chair will have to be transported.

    A shelf for your favorite "sneakers"
    From the point of view of a basketball interior, this useful item can also turn into an interior dominant and a kind of "altar" for any self-respecting basketball player who loves his winning sneakers. By the way, shelves like these can be found on NFO!

    Hanging curtains with the logo of a basketball club is possible only on one condition, if they fit perfectly into the interior. All in all, this is an excellent solution at least for a child's room.

    Your idol's Jersey
    This is another important element for creating a basketball style. There are many Jerseys of legendary and active basketball players on the internet and fan shops. In addition to this, your favorite Jersey can be decorated with a matching frame.

    A SonyPlayStation
    A basketball fan's home is hard to imagine without the most popular gaming console. Therefore, for any fan, such a game console will be a real gift and, at the same time, a cool addition to the basketball theme of the space.

    All in all, as you have probably noticed, one can set up a perfect basketball themed interior without spending a huge amount of money. All you have to do is be creative and maintain the same style throughout your creative processes (which is not hard, as you already know what the main theme will be).

    And if you are a true basketball fan, craving to find out more about the best sport on the planet, take a look at the First NBA Game in NBA history you probably did not know about!