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What are the Top 3 Most Valuable Teams in the NBA?


Can you guess which three franchises are multi-billion-dollar sports machines?

It's no surprise that professional basketball is a lucrative business. Between high-profile sponsorship deals, expensive stadium constructions, local television partnerships, and massive engagement from fans around the country, it's safe to say the NBA is doing well economically. However, a select few franchises stand out among the rest in terms of revenue generated. Let’' take a look at what teams currently rank among the top three most valuable organizations in pro basketball.

New York Knicks

Valued at approximately $5.8 billion, the New York Knicks take first place as the NBA's richest franchise, a title they have held for over six years in a row. Owned by Madison Square Garden Sports, the team calls America's biggest city home and thus attracts millions of fans to their shiny court each season. Although they are a far cry from the top performing teams in the league, their wealth is largely attributed to their huge, famous arena and media deal.

Golden State Warriors

Coming in second are the Golden State Warriors with a whopping $5.6 billion to their name. Unlike the Knicks, elite point guard Steph Curry and the entire squad have been hugely successful as of late, performing at the top of the NBA with a record of 29-7. In fact, the Warriors currently hold the number one spot in their division, with expert NBA betting odds placing them in a wonderful position to take the Western Conference title home to San Fran this season. Only time will tell who rises to the very top, but there's no doubt that a victory for the Warriors would further increase their already impressive, profitable position.


The Lakers play a match at their home stadium in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Lakers

Yet another well-off NBA franchise based out of California, the Los Angeles Lakers are worth an estimated $5.5 billion, with a hefty operating income of $63 million. Like the other teams on this list, they make the bulk of their profits from endorsements, ticket sales, merchandising, and television. In years past, the Lakers was the second richest franchise in the league, but recently the Warriors surpassed them. Los Angeles, the team's home base, is also the second-largest NBA city after New York. The Lakers also compete in the Western Conference but have fallen to a seventh position this season. However, with some of the most talented and dynamic players in the league on their side in Lebron, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Davis, Lakers fans are still hopeful for a strong 2022.