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Biggest UK Betting Brands Coming into the US

In the past two decades, a new form of gambling and betting has emerged, and quickly has risen in popularity. Thanks to the advancements made in computer and internet technology, online betting sites have become the go-to wagering venue for most punters.

Traditionally, the country most associated with gambling in Europe is the United Kingdom. Though it isn't the case that British people gamble the most (gambling as a hobby is actually far more present in Finland), it is true that the UK is one of the top gambling nations in Europe. Estimates claim that 47% of the United Kingdom’s popular like to bet and gamble.

Most Popular Betting Sports in the UK

The United Kingdom has had a long and storied history with betting. Since the early 16th century, local lords began to sponsor the regional cricket teams. This led to competitions between parishes and counties. The sponsoring lords would attend these competitions and place wagers on their team.

Horse racing is another sport that has always been huge in the betting scene. The practice of racing on horses, dates back to the ancient era, and has endured to this day. Horse racing is the second most popular sport to bet on worldwide today, only exceeded in popularity by football. In the United Kingdom, especially, horse racing has remained one of the most popular betting attractions, especially in England and Ireland, where some of the most prestigious competitions are held. If you want to check out a betting site that offers horse racing coverage, check out this Virgin sports betting review, which goes into detail about the site's rating, markets, bonuses, and odds.

Of course, we can't move on and not discuss the world's favorite sport. Football, or soccer in the United States, is the number one, most popular sport in the world today, with over four billion fans around the globe. Naturally, this also means that it is the most popular betting sport, attracting millions of punters the world over. In the United Kingdom, where football originates from, the sport generates over millions of pounds in revenue annually, from the betting industry alone.

Apart from the sports already mentioned, the British also love sports like boxing, basketball, rugby, badminton and tennis. All of these sports attract a large crowd of British punters every year.

United Kingdom Companies Are Expanding to the United States

With such a large demand for betting, it isn't any surprise that The United Kingdom has quite a vast and profitable betting market. United Kingdom betting companies are some of the most popular, prestigious, and trusted companies in the world, and they have, as of recently begun to expand to the online market, as well as the international market.

One of the markets where UK firms are truly making bank is the United States market. Since 2020, UK betting companies have reported a huge increase in revenue from the United States. One of the reasons for this, without a doubt, is the 2020 pandemic, which swept the whole world, and relegated millions of punters and gamblers around the world to their homes. Looking for a way to keep placing bets and playing their favorite casino games, the American bettors found their way to some of the biggest and most prestigious UK betting companies.

Entain, the company behind Ladbrokes and Coral, reported a $175m profit in 2020, and the huge increase in income from online gambling offset the number of UK bookmakers that had to shut down due to the pandemic. The US market has remained lucrative in the past few years.

This boom in the US market may present an opportunity for both sides, as United States betting companies have been keeping an eye on the UK ones, just waiting for an apt opportunity to buy them out, and carry on with their profits from there. For example, the aforementioned Entain have said that MGM Resorts has offered $11 billion for Ladbroke. It remains to be seen whether UK companies will continue to thrive in the US market, or whether US firms will buy out the competition.


The United Kingdom has always been one of the biggest competitors in the online betting market, and in recent years, they have begun to expand their influence onto the international scene. Their most profitable endeavor came from the United States, where punters quickly embraced the online betting and gambling sites from the United Kingdom. In recent months, US firms have begun to circle their UK counterparts, in an attempt to buy them out, and get in on the burgeoning market