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The first ten games of the season have passed, and teams are now settling into the rhythm of the new NBA season. Returning to the regular 82-game schedule after a two-year interruption due to COVID-19, the NBA is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and the fireworks could not have been any bigger than the performances so far on the court. Offseason title predictions are out the window as the surprises continue to power this season deep into the unexpected. You can read more about the new takes, who the experts are tipping now and their reasons on some of your favourite spots on the web but don't get too hooked because there is literally no guarantee when it comes to season 75 of the NBA.

The Suprises

What has not been a surprise so far? The Lakers dwindling below the .500 mark? The Cavs comfortably above .500? Or the Suns on a 10+ winning atreak? There has been enough action to write a full season script. The biggest surprise, however, has been the surge and dominance of the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors looked broken after injuries and the departure of Kevin Durant decimated the dynastic team assembled to torment the NBA. Without Klay Thompson and a roster that is relatively inexperienced, Stephen Curry had the responsibility of carrying the team back to the lofty top tier of the league. The Chef made a spectacular effort of it but ultimately the Warriors missed the postseason for the second year running after making the previous five. All the experts had the Dubs clinging to a mid-conference spot and fending off play-in contenders until the return of Klay Thompson. Well, that did not age well and the Warriors had other plans like boasting an NBA-best 15-2 record after the first month and a half of ball. Nobody saw this coming, not even the Warriors but obviously they knew something about themselves the great of the NBA world did not.

On the other hand of surprises, the Los Angeles Lakers have been a mess. Offloading Kuzma, Caldwell-Pope, Schroeder, and Caruso, to bring in superstar presence in Russell Westbrook and veteran scoring in Carmelo Anthony has not helped. Westbrook has looked an awkward fit from day one, while LeBron has looked more human as time takes its toll on him. Struggling to hold on to a .500 record, the Lakers will have to figure themselves out quickly if they plan to make the playoffs.

After breaking out last season with Chris Paul, Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton leading the charge, the Phoenix Suns have been a joy to watch this season. Starting the season with three losses seemed to jolt the team to reality, who are now on a league-best 11-game win streak.