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NBA Fantasy Team WildCards

How To Play Fantasy Basketball.

Some of the most loved games out there have a fantasy edition. You can play fantasy football, fantasy baseball, and of course, fantasy basketball too.

While we love watching the NBA, and betting on the NBA odds, there is something quite fulfilling about playing fantasy basketball.

However, it is not quite as simple as just picking out your favorite players in any old team, there is an art to it, and one of the arts of this game is the wildcard.

However, while we want to talk more about wildcards, we also want to give you the basic information you need to get started with fantasy basketball, and how you can get ahead of the game quickly.

No two fantasy basketball leagues will be the same, everyone will be different. There are basic rules that apply no matter what, but each league has an identity of its own, and this identity is built through the size of your roster, injury spots, and stats.

You should look to join or even start a league that is a good fit for what you are looking for. However, you do not need to be super hardcore about it, you could play casually, setting your lineups once per week, finding a league that uses weekly lineup changes.

That is not to say that you cannot be a die hard fantasy basketball fan, you can add and drop players, crafting whole new lineups from scratch on the daily if you want.

Any fantasy sport should be fun, so your primary focus should be just enjoying yourself and playing as you find works best for you. Find a league that keeps you wrapped up and enthusiastic about the sport.

Set Up Your League First.

The first thing to do is set up your league, learn about your league and the team pages, then get well acquainted with the rules. Even the most veteran players may assume they know the rules when they don’t. And overlooking just one rule can have dire consequences.

So, make sure you know your rules, then move on to the draft.

A good draft should give you the opportunity to have a super successful season, so you should prepare beforehand. You need to know the rankings, and gather a strategy that will reflect the scoring format of your league in particular.

If you do not fancy taking part in the live draft, you can have the system do it for you, using an Autopick strategy that you can set up.

Once the draft is over you can start the real fun, start trading, and using in-season strategies.

it is all good fun.

Now, we can't forget about the wildcard. Many beginner players may not pay too much mind to this, but it is a good safety to have in your fantasy league. A wildcard can change things for you.

What Is A Wildcard?

Let's start off by saying that you can change your team after match day in trades, and in NBA fantasy basketball, this will cost you -5 points, and will be subtracted from your team total next match day.

This is where your wildcard is important.

The wildcard is basically a bonus if you have it activated. Having a wildcard gives you the ability to make unlimited trades without receiving a penalty for match day in some cases (depending on who your league is with).

In this case simply go onto your team and switch your wildcard on, or off.

Wildcard Vs Free Trade.

This can leave a few people asking if there is any difference between a wildcard and free trades. There are some stark differences.

A wildcard is only valid for a single match day, and once you use it you cannot use it again.

The alternative, free trades, are valid for all match days of a season. Which means during each match day of a season you could make up the number of free trades you have and not receive any penalties at all.

NBA Fantasy Tips.

Before you get hardcore into NBA fantasy you should always check rankings and know your league's rules. Making the wrong choice has doomed you.

Be certain to pick the best players in your draft, drafting only the top choices, as they will excel in every position.

You can be a bit more crafty at this if you check the teams that make it to the championship and analyze the lineup.

Similarly, be sure to pay attention to draft rankings in your league in order to find out what positions are available. Also, start a draft as soon as you can, so you can scoop up the best players before someone else nabs them.

Always consider players' injuries. Be aware of which players are most prone to injuries, you do not want half your roster being injury prone and missing out on half the games in a season.

Finally, always pay close attention to roster movements and off season trades too. Note the stats as well, as they matter, the more time a player spends with the ball, the greater the stats.