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How to Mentally Prepare for an Upcoming Basketball Event

Many people look at professional athletes and think that they are well-prepared and ready for anything. However, what's going on in an athlete's head is anyone's guess. One thing is for certain though, they are all battling with a roller coaster of thoughts.

Just imagine the college kids preparing for a major basketball tournament. While everyone is placing March Madness bets, these kids are preparing for an opportunity of a lifetime. If they do well enough they may end up being drafted into the NBA, which is a life-long dream for most of these students.

They carry a lot of weight on their shoulders and that can be mentally exhausting. If you're one of those students, here's how to mentally prepare for an upcoming basketball event.


Being physically prepared for a major basketball event or a tournament is quite necessary but if your mind is not in the right place, it can all be in vain. Fear and panic, as well as doubting yourself can hinder your physical performance in more ways than one. That's why you should try to meditate.

Mediation is not some mumbo jumbo that yoga instructors preach about. In fact, it has helped Buddhist monks achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance for over a millennia. It's about breathing techniques that will ease your mind and renew your focus for the task at hand.

Treat it like any other game

A major event or a basketball tournament is something to be in awe about. However, it's still just another game. Peer pressure, expectations and potential future implications is something you leave behind for the duration of the game.

There's only you, your team and your opponents you should focus on. Doing your best and contributing towards a win is what matters the most. Everything else comes later. So don't let outside factors influence your game mentality. It's easier said than done but you must do it for your own sake.

Learn from your mistakes

You win some, you lose some as the saying goes. Making a mistake is not as bad as you may think. Of course, mistakes tend to demoralize you and feed your self-doubt but you must rise above it all and keep going.

Learn from your mistakes and see them as an opportunity to improve and do better. Once you manage to do that, there will be nothing that can bring you down and hinder your performance. That is, in fact, a winning mentality no matter the outcome.


A major basketball event means more pressure, worries and more uncertainty. You may be physically ready for whatever comes next but you must prepare your mind as well. If not, you may end up losing before the game even begins.