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Which players have the longest NBA careers of all time?

If you love to follow basketball, then the NBA is a league you no doubt keep a close eye on. The spiritual home of the game, it is as popular now as it has ever been. This is due to many factors which have allowed it to keep fans coming back for more each year. The thrilling on court action is certainly a big plus, as is the off-court drama and the big-name NBA franchises.

The NBA is also a great league to bet on and this has also helped it grow in popularity on a global scale. Of course, many states now have legalized sports betting within their borders, wagering on NBA games has also brought more people domestically into basketball. If you like to bet on NBA games, just remember to use a sportsbooks odds comparison site first. This will ensure you get the best value odds to take advantage of when betting and win more, if you make the right call.

Perhaps the other big factor for the NBA's continued success is the players. Some have given fans entertainment for many years and enjoyed long spells in the pro game. But which players have enjoyed the longest NBA careers of all-time?

Vince Carter

The man who currently holds the record for the longest NBA career is Vince Carter. He played a colossal 22 seasons before retiring in 2020. Carter is not only remembered for his longevity but also his sheer talent. Able to play at small forward and shooting guard, he even sometimes played power forward in his later years.

This versatility showed what a natural gift he had for basketball. Known for his slam dunks, high leaps and athleticism, he accumulated nicknames like "Vinsanity" while playing. After being drafted by the Raptors in 1998, he played for several NBA teams over the years - including the Nets and Grizzlies. Although he never won a Championship ring, Carter was an 8-time All-Star.

Kevin Willis

With an NBA career that spanned a huge 21 seasons, there is power forward Kevin Willis. Standing at 7-feet tall, he was a hard to miss presence on the court! Drafted in 1984 by the Atlanta Hawks, his 21 seasons included playing for teams such as the Heat, the Warriors and the Raptors – among others.

Averaging a solid 12.2 points per game over his whole career, Willis arguably had his best moment as a key part of the Spurs 2003 Championship win. Before that, he had also made the NBA All-Star Eastern Conference team in 1992.

Kevin Garnett

The history of the NBA Draft may be long and complex, but it has discovered many great players over time. 1995’s version was no exception and saw Kevin Garnett picked up by Minnesota. After settling in at the Timberwolves, this highly talented power forward soon became known for his agility, slam dunks and defensive acumen.

In his 21 seasons, Garnett was a 15-time All-Star and the league's most valuable player in 2004. His crowning achievement though came when he moved to the Celtics and helped them win the Championship in 2008.

Robert Parish

Clocking up over 1,600 NBA games, Parish was another player to carry on for a massive 21 seasons. Playing as a center, he was known for his arcing jump shots, awesome rebounding and strong defensive work.

Picked up by the Warriors in 1976's Draft, he stayed a few years with them before making a move to the Celtics. This turned out very well for all involved and he won three NBA titles with the team. A born winner, he also picked up another NBA Championship title with the Bulls in 1997!

Dirk Nowitzki

Nowitzki is yet another NBA great who managed to keep going at the highest level for 21 seasons. A one franchise man, he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in the 1998 Draft and played his whole career there. To say this turned out to be a great deal for Dallas is an understatement!

Nowitzki turned out to be the best player the team has ever had to date and made such an impression that his number 41 jersey was retired when he called it a day. During his time in Dallas, he not only showcased his speed, shooting and ball handling, but also helped them to a 2011 Championship win.

NBA has seen some long careers

For fans of basketball, the NBA is the premier league to follow. The legends listed above have enjoyed not only the longest careers in this competition but also stood out as some of the best NBA players ever. The fact that they did this over such a long period makes it only more impressive.