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How to bet on basketball using US sportsbooks

The NFL is by far the most popular sport at licensed US sportsbooks. It's no secret that the NBA is a key source of income for online bookmakers. For those who love high-scoring sports, the normal season is packed with matches. The NBA playoffs bring with them an even greater flurry of activity.

For something like the NBA Finals, it is among the most anticipated sporting events of the year, this sets the setting. Wagering on professional basketball doesn't have a particularly steep learning curve. Here's everything you need to know about betting on the NBA legally and securely in the United States.

Where to look for the best Sports Betting Sites

There are many sportsbooks currently available in the US, but we highly recommend that players interested in wagering, should check out reviews and detailed guides such as these great reviews of the best online sportsbooks by Sportslens top experts as they give detailed information regarding many sportsbooks around the world and the US. With this information, you would be able to choose which sportsbook you prefer to place your bets on while also making sure the sportsbook is legit and reliable.

NBA game lines explained

Legal bookmakers have lines and odds for every NBA match. The major wagering room will be filled with forthcoming games if you select the NBA or basketball section. There are three primary options in the standard list. This is how they all function.

NBA moneyline betting

Decide which team is going to win the match. Underdogs and favorites can be recognized by the odds' movement, which tends to be positive for underdogs and negative for favorites. This shows a mismatch if there is a substantial discrepancy between the two values.

  • Los Angeles Lakers: -115
  • Milwaukee Bucks: +105
    NBA point spread betting

    To help you make a wager, bookmakers calculate what's known as a "spread." Favorite minus points or underdog plus number are two options. In order to be victorious, your chosen team must come out on top by more than the spread.

  • Brooklyn Nets: -2.5 (-110)
  • Los Angeles Clippers: +2.5 (-110)
    NBA totals betting

    For NBA games, this bet is highly common. Bookmakers have a standard amount of combined points that they use as a baseline. You get to make the call on whether you believe the final score will be higher or lower than that estimate.

  • Over: 214.5 (-110)
  • Under: 214.5 (-110)
    The statistics for the next day's NBA sheets may be available the night prior, and they should be available worldwide by the time of the game's start. Depending on wagering activity or fresh info, the lines and odds might change following the release of a new game.

    There is no harm in doing some research before making your wagers. Even the tiniest differences in the statistics might add up to a significant effect. Bets are placed as soon as the information is made public, although some gamblers prefer to hold off until closer to kickoff before placing their bets.

    Time of Bet Advantage Disadvantage
    Once the lines have been made available You're not concerned about market impacts because you're betting on the number established by the bookmaker.There's always the possibility that new details will surface before the tipoff, changing the odds.
    Just a few minutes till the game begins.The data is all in, and the market has already spoken.This can have an effect on your perspective of what happened in the competition's final stages.
    Immediately after the game has begunYou may concentrate on the game at hand while placing bets in real-time.Need to keep an eye on things as the game progresses.

    There are house regulations in effect for all sports at regulated sportsbooks. Wagers can be placed and settled according to regular procedures, which also apply in the event of unforeseen events. Here are a few points to bear in mind when it comes to the NBA.

  • Once the game has begun, the bookmaker will take all wagers. They'll stay open if there's a minor interruption, but if the game is canceled or postponed, all wagers are void.
  • Bookmakers will cancel and reimburse any wagers made on users who fail to show up or are ruled out before a game.
  • To put it another way, a spread or total wager that is precisely on the stated figure (ie., 4 points, 220 points, etc.) is a "push," meaning neither side wins and the stake is returned.

    Futures, props, and live betting odds

    Even while the NBA's three most popular pregame wagers bring in a lot of action, they aren't the only options available. If you want to bet on pro basketball, there is an active futures market as well as several props for each match. You may even put real-time wagers as the action unfolds during the matches.

    NBA futures betting

    NBA futures odds are available for long-term wagers, usually on the result of the entire season or the playoffs.

  • The winner of the NBA Finals
  • The champions of each division and conference
  • Win totals throughout the regular season for each team
  • Teams that will either make it into the playoffs or not.
  • The most valuable player, rookie of the year, and other honorees
  • Leaderboard standings and individual player highlights for the entire season

    Futures wagering is all about getting the greatest deal on the choices you wish while also making the proper pick. This is another instance in which doing your purchasing online is advantageous.

    NBA prop betting

    By selecting a certain game from the list, you'll be able to see what props are currently available for that game. Each contest usually has a number of options, such as team, player, and gamed player situations.

  • What is the likelihood that overtime will be required - yes or no?
  • At halftime, who will be leading the Knicks or Nuggets?
  • It's possible that Stephen Curry might score more than 29.5 points.
    Those who have already played fantasy sports may find the player prop side to be an easy transition into sports wagering. When it comes to wagering, expertise and projection abilities are essential.

    NBA live betting

    You may place a live wager on the event as it unfolds once the matches have begun. There are specialized areas at several authorized bookmakers for existing and forthcoming live bets.

  • As events unfold, you'll be able to view updated odds for such spread, total, and moneyline
  • It's possible to focus on a certain quarter or half, including which side will collect the most points.
  • You should expect to see lots of prop-style wagers during the game, a majority of which will look a lot like what you'd see before the start of the matchup.
    Because live wagering moves so quickly, it's simple to be pulled into the excitement. Therefore, having a limit and a set of restrictions in place is essential if you plan on wagering live on an NBA match.

    Understanding the juice/vig

    You aren't getting the service completely for free when you wager at a bookmaker. The cost for books is called a vig, standing for vigorish. You need to understand this notion since it has a direct influence on your prospective profits. It's commonly referred to as "juice."

    On spread and total bets, the vigorish is quite straightforward to calculate because the odds are fixed at -110. $100 bets placed with odds of -110 return $90.90 in winnings. The bookmaker has imposed a vig of 9.1 percent, thus you've managed a profit of 90.9 percent.

    Props and moneylines bets aren't as crystal cut, but the vig is being taken into consideration. The amount of the vigorish is affected by a little variation in the odds, like -105 vs. -110, therefore experienced gamblers know to shop around it for odds.

    Consider that a gambler who wins 51% of their wagers at chances of -110 would not have been lucrative. You'd really had to win 52.4 percent of your bets to break even if you wanted to cover the cost of the juice.