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A Guide to Attending Your First NBA Game

Attending your first NBA game will be an iconic moment in your life. In terms of excitement, there’s no better experience. However, there's a lot you need to prepare for, from arriving early to the half-time acts and entertainment. This guide is here to help you do this.

So, if you've finally landed your first big game tickets - whether it's for the Lakers or Chicago Red Bulls - it's time to get ready. Let's start.

Always have your smartphone with you

Firstly, you should have your smartphone with you at all times during an NBA game. This is so that you can get instant score updates from other games, post about your experience on social media, and play games on your phone. Remember, each NBA has a 15-minute half-time interval (usually filled with on-court entertainment), so your phone is a great way to kill some time. If the idea of playing games sounds like something you like the idea of, make sure you prepare in advance. For example, you could make an account with online casino NZ and download all your favorite games. You should also make sure your phone has plenty of battery.

Arrive early

Here's a pro tip: arrive early. Never make the mistake of thinking you can rock up to your seats with 10 minutes to go because you're asking for problems! NBA games are packed events, with people walking around merchandise stations, concession stands, bars, and everything else in-between leading up to the game starting. This is why you should try your best to arrive at your seats at least 45 minutes early. This way, you can soak up the atmosphere, watch the players train and warm-up, and even speak to other fans sitting nearby.

Plan where you're going to park

Parking is usually problematic at NBA games due to the thousands of fans attending. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers usually average 18,000+ attendances - with a lot of these fans arriving via car. All NBA stadiums offer on-sight parking facilities, but these usually get taken up very quickly. Therefore, you can either park somewhere off-site or play it smart and use public transportation to get to the stadium. This way, you won't have to stress about parking.

Expect the game to last between 2 and 2.5 hours

On average, NBA games last between two and two and a half hours. This is a long time, so make sure to use the concession stands to get all the food and drinks you need. However, time goes fast when you're at an NBA game, so make sure to appreciate every second.

Stock up on merchandise from the stores

Lastly, make sure to finish your first NBA game experience by visiting your stadium's stores. You'll be able to buy a jersey as well as lots of other accessories, from water bottles to headbands.

Alternatively, you can visit merchandise stores when you first arrive, but this is usually when they're most busy! There's also the iconic NBA flagship store in New York that you should try and visit at some point.


Make sure to follow this guide when you attend your first NBA game if you want to have a seamless experience. From arriving early to planning your parking in advance, every tip is important, so don't forget any of them. After your first game experience, you'll probably want to go again, so you'll be able to keep using these tips in the future.