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The three best venues for fight fans

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It's a time of year when sport features heavily in our thinking. From those planning to host a Super Bowl watch party in the United States to followers of thoroughbred horse racing in England putting the finishing touches to their Cheltenham Festival predictions at online sportsbooks. Sport unites the world and is the common language shared by fans from every corner of the planet.

While millions are happy to sit back, relax and watch live sports on television, others are eager to seize the opportunity presented by a new year. The majority of New Year resolutions made in January are based on trying out new sports, getting fit and losing weight. Sport can help bring people together and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. From karate to soccer, ice hockey to basketball, there are many ways to combine your love for sports with a passion for getting fit.

Combine sport and travel

Then there's the type of sports lovers that use their passion as a great excuse to travel. Soccer fans in Europe journey across the continent to watch their beloved players in action in the three UEFA organised European cups. We've already seen lovers of winter sports travel to the 2022 games in China. Professional boxing is another major sport that allows fans to top-up their air miles, and there are some eye-catching bouts on the schedule this year.

Boxers, promoters and managers are in a rush to make up for the time lost to the pandemic when most bouts were scrapped or forced to play out behind closed doors. Now that the world is open and spinning again, lovers of the noble art have a hectic 2022 ahead. From London to New York, 2022 will be remembered as the year the best fought the best in boxing. Visit a major city, enjoy a hotel break and soak up the unique atmosphere of watching a big fight from ringside.

It's the perfect scenario for a boxing lover, and in this article, we detail the three best venues to watch professional boxing. These are the arenas that any fight fan must visit as the buildings just ooze history, and the memories of the atmosphere will last a lifetime. Depending on where you are based, these trips may turn out to be expensive and fall into the once in a lifetime category, but they are the kind of trips you'll spend your old age boring the grandkids about.

Google Images Creative Commons Licences

York Hall - London, UK

You would walk right past it if you weren't looking for the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London. Many looking for the building do too. It's nothing special from the outside and not much better on the inside either. It's a council-run Turkish Baths building, but, boy, does it have some history. Everyone who is anyone in British boxing has fought here. When walking through the turnstiles, past the lobby and into the venue itself, you'll immediately recognise there's a real buzz about this place. It's British boxing in a nutshell, serious, down-to-earth, and inclusive. Sit ringside or up on the balcony. There isn't a bad seat in the house.

Madison Square Garden, New York, US

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is threatening to become the main attraction, but it will never match the dizzy heights of this iconic venue in New York for many traditional boxing fans. This arena has witnessed some of the most memorable fights in the sport's history, including the top names through the generations. It's as active with stars today as it has ever been.

Plaza Mexico - Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City – a hotbed of soccer, bullfighting, and boxing. There's always something going on, and if you're a sports fan, you'll be kept busy here. The Plaza Mexico is well worth visiting if you're into professional pugilism. It has the biggest bullfighting ring globally, but it's the square circle we're interested in, and the top stars from Mexico have boxed here. A nation famous for producing championship boxers, the Plaza Mexico is an ideal venue to witness just how big the sport remains in Mexico while catching a glimpse of the stars of the future coming, though.