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The most famous players in the NBA who are fond of gambling

NBA players are such esteemed celebrities that NBA basketball fans can hardly comprehend their gambling activities. Gambling casinos have an appeal so different from basketball that even the best NBA player can't resist. Now that gambling casinos can be played virtually, basketball players find it even easier to engage.

It's not strange to see most popular NBA players have played gambling poker, NBA sports betting, and casino gambling. Now that the popular casinos offer NBA basketball gambling options, these NBA athletes are quickly turning casino gamblers.

When done moderately, gambling casinos and poker can be a means of making money, and even the most famous NBA player finds this part of gambling a thrill. That is why gambling in casinos is fun for NBA players, and a gambler fan would understand.

Here are some of the world's greatest athletes in NBA history who are fond of poker and casino gambling…

Michael Jordan

This Chicago Bulls NBA star has a super competitive side, which is probably why he is one of the best out there, but outside of the basketball court, this nature has led him one too many times towards the glitz of city casinos. This basketball icon has done everything from poker to betting to even his alleged loss of over one million dollars during a golf wager.

He majorly frequents casinos in Atlantic City, https://topcasinoer.net/, where he spends his extra time losing or making money. The idea is not shocking since he has a networth of about $1.6 billion. However, the stakes are even higher now that online casinos are a huge rave.

Before wagering on an online casino, be sure you are well aware of the payout level. The best payout online casino is one who provides major turnover and slots for your money. Like Jordan who wagers thousands of dollars, a great payout rate will ensure financial viability.

Speaking on his wagering activities, the legend said he wasn't addicted to gambling, but the competition involved playing those games.

J.R Smith

Of all the gambling stories of your favorite NBA stars, this is the strangest. Some years ago, thieves broke into this player's multi-million dollar mansion and robbed him of his prized possessions and valuables.

Amongst the stolen goods was a suitcase containing about fifteen thousand dollars, and when asked by the Police why he had that much money in a box at home, J.R said it was his gambling money.эound strange to you, it is not strange to a millionaire NBA player with a net worth of $35 million. Some of his favorite casino games include blackjack, poker, and slots. He is so good with these games that he allegedly doesn't use the free spins and slots to help increase a player's chances of winning.

Charles Barkley

Of all the popular NBA players, Charles has probably lost the most money to wagers. With a loss of about 15 million dollars to casino games in Las Vegas, normal people would be shocked, but this NBA star has a net worth of about $40 million, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

He regularly frequents Vegas casinos where he places bets worth thousands of dollars and almost caught a court case when he failed to pay up a certain $400 thousand debt. He has also been recorded to have lost $2.5 million in one sitting during a blackjack game. However, since the lawsuit, Charles has been more conscious of how he spends his money and how much bets he places.

Antoine Walker

This is one basketball player whose gambling addiction resulted in the demise of his career. Like his basketball player friends, Antoine loved to frequent famous casinos where he would spend all night placing bets and playing games to his heart's content.

With a net worth of about $100 million, he was reckless with his games, and by 2009, his addiction caught up with him.

At the time, he was already owing different casinos money totaling several millions of dollars and was losing thousands of dollars in one sitting. He is one prime example of how this activity can be consequential and how moderation is the best way to enjoy this without repercussions.

Charles Oakley

This player's cutthroat style has been seen in action not only in court but outside too. Like some of his colleagues, he is known to frequent Vegas casinos, but unlike his friends, he is very tenacious in winning.

One time, Charles Oakley was banned from a casino because he pulled back his chips from the table when he noticed he was on the verge of losing.

Being a man of his word, he also hated it when the men he played with didn't pay their debt on time. During a preseason game, he got into a fight with Tyrone Hill, an opponent. When asked why he disclosed the player was owing about $54 thousand worth of stakes and has refused to pay back the money.

Although he was fined 10 thousand dollars from the NBA, he got back his money from Tyrone.

Alan Iverson

Despite this Philadelphia Sixer being a sports icon, he is also another example of the consequences of this activity. Despite amassing over $200 million from his basketball earnings, this player was addicted to blackjack, poker, basketball slots, and even alcohol. This was why he ended up living from hand to mouth after losing all his money to this addiction.

He played eleven games for the All-Stars and had a rising career due to his skills and workmanship, but like Antoine, he did this a little too much and was not able to get back on his feet.


The fact is that basketball players have so much money on their hands, which is why sometimes, they are found engaging in gambling activities like this. However, this is not a bad sport, and as long as it is kept in moderation, it is a good way to spend idle time.

Although, as celebrities who are under the public eye, they should do well to maintain this habit in a good way so the young ones can also learn not to overstep during this kind of activities, as it can cause extreme repercussions.