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The 10 Most Educated NBA Players

Most of us were raised with the belief that education is essential for success. Some basketball stars are able "knockdown" billions without even attending school. Sports can be cruel, though. One poor collision or one disappointing season can mean that all the money's gone. It's always good to have a backup plan. Championship.com provides a list listing the most forward-thinking players in the league.

Bill Clinton received his degree with little to no English from one of America's top NBA centers. Dikembe aspired to become a physician. Well, Dikembe received his bachelor's degree at Georgetown in 1991 in linguistics. Dikembe can express himself in nine languages - the language barrier is not an issue now. He returned to his studies at the end of his career and received a doctorate in 2010, still at Georgetown University. He is fluent in nine languages (five of which are various African dialects) now and actively participates in charitable activities. Mutombo created his charitable foundation to benefit his homeland and people from his own community. Of course, in our time it seems that it is a massive challenge to acquire a degree in linguistics, since we always have services like UK Assignment Geek, which can help you submit an essay or a report in any of the areas. This may appear so simple at first. You will need to be a specialist in your field.

He is most well-known as the first NBA star to be diagnosed with diabetes. After a successful career with the NBA, Dudley became vice president at an asset management firm. Later, Dudley joined FiligreeAdvisors as a financial advisor firm. He was successful in politics and was elected governor in Oregon in 2010. Unfortunately, he lost with 48%, against 49% in the opposition.

Bosh joined the Wizkids as a highschool student. This computer club specialized only in graphic design in addition to his basketball team. After he enrolled at Georgia Tech as a graphic designer and manager, he became a Yellow Jackets performer, quickly becoming one of the most gifted young players in the NCAA. Chris attended Georgia Tech only for one year. He then went on to join the NBA. Wired magazine, the largest publication that covers computer technology and how it affects society, featured all of his hopes and dreams.

Pau was raised in Spain by a family of Spanish doctors. His mother, a nurse, was a doctor. Therefore, it's not surprising that Gasol attended medical school and played for Barcelona. He did not finish medical school. Gasol was too good at basketball to go. However, he continues to spend a lot of time in hospitals treating children.

After graduating from high-school with a GPA rating of 4.2, Lin sent his resume to the most prestigious universities all over the world. He then entered Harvard for an economics degree and a spot on their team. Lin became the Ivy League's first ever player to score 1,450 points, score 450 rebounds, get 400 assists, and steal 200. After Lin's success, several NBA clubs expressed interest in him. Despite some setbacks, Jeremy graduated from Harvard in 1954 and became the first Harvard grad to ever get into the best basketball league.

This is perhaps the least-known basketball player, not because of his "outstanding" career. He scored an average of 8.2 points per game, grabbed 4.1 boards, and played on four different teams during his 13-year playing career. Tom was able to finish his career by moving into politics. He became a member of the US House of Representatives.By 2011, he became Chairman of the Board of Directors for the President’s Sports, Fitness, and Sports Nutrition Foundation. McMillen also published a book where he explored the connections between sports and ethics.

New Yorker Kyle O'Quinn studied at Norfolk State University. Kyle was a professional athlete after he graduated from Norfolk State University. He also made a promise to his parents to graduate and get a diploma. O'Quinn was an O'Quinn basketball player for four seasons at Norfolk State University. His best years were when he scored 12.3 ppg (16.4) and averaged 8.4 boards (11.1) per season.

He has devised many brain games, and even lessons to improve his memory. He was an amazing number-swapper, which amazed his many friends. The Jerry Lucas Super Kids Day Magic Jamboree had him perform various educational word and number riddles as Luke The Magician. He tried to test himself with television in the early 1970s. His memory was tested when he performed on TV.

Bill Bradley, a 70s Knicks star, graduated from Princeton with an honors degree. He was also a Rhodes scholar and studied at Oxford. After retiring from his professional career, Bradley ran for the US president from the Democrats. Al Gore was defeated in the primaries. These are not the most striking examples of "smart", however Bill Bradley was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is also a two time champion of the New York Knicks played by Red Holtzman.

Robinson's intelligence but not his good manners didn't allow him to be in the top tier of NBA champions. Robinson was just too smart - he passed his SAT at 1310, enlisted in the Navy, and was a fine citizen. He was also deeply religious and a good gentleman. Robinson was an example of a good player as well as a man.