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8 Best Online Games & Apps to Play With Friends

If you don't enjoy playing games alone, you've come to the right place. Mobile platforms are, to some extent, social - after all, almost every game that runs on iOS, Xbox, and Android contains multiplayer in one form or another, even if it is a simple leaderboard.

However, this has its drawbacks - especially when you are looking for a new game. So, how to choose between hundreds if not thousands of titles? Here are our top 8 multiplayer games that you can play online with your friends. So, let's see what the exciting titles for you are.

1. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

Multiplayer shooter with a furious title Player unknown's Battlegrounds has been at the top of the most popular projects for a long time, despite its being in Early Access and still has rough edges and bugs. However, the essence of the game is quite simple and consists in the fact that you have to remain the last survivor on the map, a kind of "King of the Hill."

How It Starts

You have absolutely nothing at the beginning of the battle, but you gradually need to find weapons, vehicles, and other useful things. The map area decreases over time, and you need to hurry, but be careful because other players want to win as much as you. So be cunning and insidious, shoot when the enemy does not expect it, hide so that no one can find you. The game has received very positive reviews and definitely deserves attention. Moreover, you can find it at Google Play!

2. Hearthstone

The colourful, addictive, and exciting card game Hearthstone, completely based on the Warcraft universe, unexpectedly fell in love with players, especially fans of the famous universe.

Hearthstone has become so ingrained in the hearts of players that it has become a full-fledged esports discipline and continues to attract new fans.

Join Via Mobile

A definite advantage of this game was that it appeared on mobile platforms, which allows you to immerse yourself in the card world of Warcraft everywhere and everywhere. You can draw up various schemes and assemblies of cards, on which the entire course of the game and the style of the moves will depend in the future. And it doesn't matter at all how you combine the cards because even races of warring lore can play quite well in tandem here. Understanding the gameplay is quite simple because there are tips and many guides that will help you create a valid deck.

3. Mortal Kombat X

Do you like cruelty and bloody mess? Then it's time for you to look towards Mortal Kombat X, where all this will be in abundance. Break your opponent's neck? Easily! Rip out your spine? With joy! MKX is a great stress reliever and a way to let off steam when you need it most. Where else will you get the opportunity to look in detail at the crumbling bones of the enemy? In addition, you can play with a friend, which makes the gameplay even more fun. You can even resolve the dispute by the consequence of who will break whose skull faster.

You can easily launch MKX on:
Xbox One
PlayStation 4

4. Marvel's Avengers

No one expected Square Enix developer to be able to handle a money-making machine as powerful as The Avengers. Marvel's Avengers turned out to be a controversial action game with many strange decisions but still provided an excellent opportunity to play as your favourite superheroes.

Feel Like a Superhero!

No matter how much the project is scolded, it is not bad to become the Hulk or Thor and beat a crowd of enemies. And you can also go to the battlefield not alone but with friends: even if the storyline company does not support the cooperative, the "Avengers Initiative" mode allows you to unite in a team and challenge evil together. In addition, the developers do not abandon Marvel's Avengers but diligently fill it with new characters and content.

5. War Thunder

Initially, War Thunder had only planes, but ground vehicles were added a couple of years ago, making the game even more interesting. The roaring iron titans smashing each other against the backdrop of colourful landscapes are beautiful.

The Game Is Worth Trying!

All vehicles in War Thunder are based on real-life examples from different countries, so you also have a chance to touch the history. In general, War Thunder is a game that you should definitely try. You can relax in it and enjoy it. You want to come back here, and you want to get on a plane and be carried away into the sunset, smashing opponents. Definitely recommended!

6. Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is one of those games that do not pretend to be of high artistic value, and it was created with a simple goal - how to entertain a company of gamers.

What's More

With this brainchild, Rebellion copes with a bang: to gather a company of four people and carry out the genocide of Nazi zombies by shooting a mutant Hitler in the finale - an exciting experience. With various guns and skills, bloody X-Ray finishing moves, and nods to classic horror, it's no surprise that players have favourably accepted Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

7. Heroes of Might and Magic III

This game did not come here by accident because, in Heroes of Might and Magic III, you have the opportunity to play on the same screen with your friend not only on PC but also on mobile platforms. Thus, a legendary turn-based strategy game in a fresh re-release is waiting for you - a great opportunity to remember the past and plunge into a fantasy world where you have to fight back your enemies and bring peace and tranquillity to your lands.

8. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 turns gamers into chefs who must hastily prepare extraordinary orders of visitors. It seems that cutting cabbage, frying meat, and washing dishes are not the most fun activities, but Team17 makes them exciting.

Tasks Level Up

If the game starts with the simplest assignments, which even a loner can handle, then with each new level, the dishes become more pretentious, and cooking requires well-coordinated work. Locations also present surprises: you will have to cook between two constantly moving trucks, then on a slippery ice floor, or aboard a ship swaying on the waves. All of this made Overcooked 2 a multi-million dollar hit.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, everyone takes a keen interest in online gaming and when it comes to multiplayer options, competing against friends is the most exciting and challenging. Moreover, it is another way of socializing with your friends on a unique platform. So, do not forget to pick a title from our recommended list. We bet it would give you a fun time!