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Top Five Best Sportsbooks for Your Next NBA Bet

When it comes to sports betting it doesn't get much more exciting than a wager on a basketball clash. The fast-paced nature of an NBA encounter makes for great action for sports bettors, especially those who are well informed on all things basketball related.

Due to the ever increasing size of the sports betting market there are always new operators popping up but not all of them offer great value for money and knowing which are the best sportsbooks to select can be key to maximising your payouts.

Here are a selection of the best sports books as well as the reasons why they could be ideal for your next NBA bet.


Clearly these guys are a well known brand and while they were originally a fantasy sports location they are now much more than that. DraftKings offers great depth in their sports betting range and this means that if you are a big basketball betting fan you can find pretty much any bet you want, be that in the NBA or perhaps in another basketball league, such as the Euroleague.


Another big name in sports betting, Fanduel does it's very best to attract new users with a mixture of great sign-up offers and good promotions for their loyal users. They also offer a high level of customer service, which is key to retaining their many customers.


There are many key areas that a good sportsbook needs to cover in order to attract a large user base and one of those would have to be the scale and variety of banking options. BetMGM is very progressive in this area, offering a wide range of payment options that make them very attractive to potential clients.


If you happen to like to bet on other sports, and not just basketball, then BetRivers may well be an ideal avenue for your sports betting plans. If there is a single sporting event, worldwide, that you can't find here then we'd be very surprised indeed. Also their site is very easy to use and offers an even more accessible interface on mobile devices.


Perhaps you are an experienced sports bettor and you want a nice selection of betting types, in which case PointsBet has you covered. Whether it's a great NBA parlay, NBA championship futures bet or an adventurous prop bet you require, this provider is always thinking outside the box and that means your sports betting experience will always be constantly evolving, offering you good reason to come back again and again.

NBA Betting, the Gift That Keeps Giving

Betting on the NBA is one of the most popular sports betting options around and is especially suited to "in-play" live betting where the action never ceases and keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first tip-off to the final buzzer. One tip though, always be aware of your limits as live betting can see you rack up big losses unless you are paying close attention to the stakes you are placing.