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3 Essentials Every Basketball Game Night Needs

Basketball game nights are great fun. If you have decided to host one yourself, there are some essentials you will need to consider, to ensure the evening goes well. Here are three essentials every basketball game night needs.

Guest List

Your guest list should consist of your like-minded friends who are interested in watching the basketball game. However, you should make sure that they get on with each other to avoid any friction. For example, if one of your friends is a known chatterbox and another friend likes to concentrate on watching the game, they might not get on. You should also make sure that supporters of rival teams will indulge in light banter rather than a full-scale argument over the score, as this is certain to kill the mood of the evening.

These days you don't need to host an in-person only game night. If you have friends that are able to join you virtually, you can still invite them via a chat platform if you want to. This could even enhance the evening, as it will feel as if there are a lot more people present.

Drinks and Snacks

Drinks and snacks should be kept simple. If all eyes are on the game, the last thing your guests will want to do is sit down to a five-course gourmet meal with a selection of wines at the same time. Beers will always go down well at a game night, alternatively, how about a cocktail or punch that you prepared earlier. This is a refreshing alternative and people can just help themselves if they want a top-up.

Snacks should be limited to finger food, as your guests can concentrate on the game rather than the meal. If you are serving light nibbles, then chips and dip are always a great combination. If you want to make sure your guests are well fed, serve up some pizza. You can cook these earlier in the day so you can still be the perfect host without missing any of the game yourself. Pizza tastes great and cooks quickly, so it is easy to serve.

Make A Night of It

Once the basketball is over, that doesn't have to be the end of the evening. Extend the evening by providing some post-game entertainment such as a virtual games evening. You can even start this entertainment early by betting on the outcome of the basketball game. Extending the fun will mean that yours is the gathering that will be talked about for a long time to come and you will be seen as a fantastic host by all your friends.

Follow these tips to host the perfect game night for you and all your friends. You do not need to do a lot of forward planning, which makes basketball and game night the perfect party to host. The only thing you won't be able to provide is a final score that will suit everyone.