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What have been the most one-sided Finals in NBA history?

The NBA is a popular sport to follow due to the many dramatic moments it produces throughout the season. This starts with regular season games before building up to the intensity of playoff matches. Of course, the crowning glory of every NBA campaign are the Finals. Due to take place from June 2nd to June 19th in the coming 2021/22 season, they are always classic games to catch for any sports fan. Even though the current campaign is not yet underway, anticipation is already mounting over which teams could make it all the way come next June.

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Getting to the Finals is only half the battle though — teams need to perform at their best and win in order to go down in history and be remembered. If one team plays at their best while the other does not though, it can sometimes result in a very one-sided series. But which have been the most one-sided Finals in NBA history?

Milwaukee Bucks vs Baltimore Bullets - 1971

If you look back at a list of NBA Finals results, this series really stands out as being a lopsided affair. This should be no surprise really as the Bullets were demolished in three of their four Finals, while still playing under this name. The 1971 Finals series led to them coming up against a strong Bucks team with talent such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in its ranks.

This meant the Bullets lost 4-0 and never even came close to challenging the Bucks. The closest they got was an 8-point loss in the third game. To get an idea of how one-sided this was, Milwaukee had three of the series top scorers in Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson and Bob Dandridge.

LA Lakers vs New Jersey Nets - 2002

This is a series which springs to mind when talking of lopsided Finals in the NBA. Another 4-0 walkover, it saw the Lakers play to their full potential to overpower the Nets. Although Jason Kidd was at the top of his game for the Nets, they just could not challenge the LA team.

Kobe Bryant put in several good performances and came out with a 26.8 points per game average. Derek Fisher also showcased his talents as point guard, but it was really all about Big Shaq. O’Neal claimed 36.3 PPG, 12.3 rebounds and 3.8 assists on average over the four games. This proved too much for the Nets who were swept away by his exploits. The second game of the series illustrated this and led to the Lakers winning by 106 to 83, after putting in a stellar last half of the match.

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers - 2018

Closer to today's date, we have the Finals series from 2018. While the Cavaliers had the mercurial talents of LeBron James to call on, it did not do them much good. To be fair, it did come out afterwards that he had been playing with a broken hand!

The Warriors though had their major weapons firing on all cylinders. In the last game of the series for example, Steph Curry grabbed 37 points and Kevin Durant claimed a triple-double in a 108-85 victory. Even more eye-catching than Golden State's impressive 2018 Finals win was the fact it was a successive Championship for them.

NBA Finals always deliver action and thrills

Whatever happens, the NBA Finals always deliver the goods for fans. While you naturally hope it will be a competitive affair which keeps you guessing until the final game, it does not always go like that. As the above shows, some NBA Finals are entirely one-sided, and this can sometimes result in one team being totally overpowered. It is open to debate whether that will happen in the June 2022 Finals, but if it does, then we can all look forward to some high-scoring gameplay.