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How to Prevent and Cure Basketball Injuries

Basketball injuries can ruin your game within minutes, and you wouldn't even get to know about it. It is unquestionably better to prevent the injuries, or cure them at the latest so that you can be at the court again.

But do you know the right ways of how to prevent and cure basketball injuries and make sure that it doesn't happen again? Well, I can give some specifics that can help you prevent injuries and cure them in no time. You can also check out our website Best Basketball Mag if you want to be updated with more tips, tricks, and other vital thing related to basketball. Check out our recent post regarding buying guide of basketball goals.

Curing The Basketball Injuries

Let's have a deep look at the most common basketball injuries and how to fix them:

1. Knee Sprain
Knee injuries can cause much trouble for the players to be out from the court for weeks. But if the knee injury is treated on time, it can be cured in lesser time than the expectations. The quickest way to treat a knee injury or sprain is to massage a particular area with ice. Treating the knee with ice and gradual movement can relieve the pain, and the player feels much more comfortable than before.

Still, if this does not work and the injury would seem quite severe, then it is recommended to seek professional medical attention at the quickest.

2. Ankle Sprain
Ankle injuries are among the most common injuries for the basketball players, as it is almost impossible to avoid these kinds of injuries. The only way to treat the ankle sprain is to treat it with the ice (again) with your foot's slow movement. You can also try compression to see if it budges the results a bit. If nothing cures the pain in the end, it is better to get X-Rays results of the particular area.

3. Jammed Fingers
You would not be able to correctly throw the ball if your fingers are not in the right state. This injury is usually caused by a ball hitting the ends of the fingers. This can also result in significant swelling and discomfort in the area for a particular time. There is certainly and absolutely nothing you can do to cure it yourself. Despite, you can seek attention from an experienced coach or the medical team to treat it the right way.

4. Wounds
Most of the wounds occur on the face or the head of a player. Most of the time, the direct blow of a basketball to the face or the player's head causes injuries and wounds. You can apply pressure and use a bandage to cover up the wound if it is not too wide open. Other than that scenario, you might have to get stitches if the damage is severe and pretty wide open.

5. Muscle Sprains
If you use your muscles more than their actual capability, you might face some serious consequences later. The overuse of flexibility is the primary reason muscle injuries or sprains occur to the players. Most of the time, the only method that works to cure these sprains is the R.I.C.E method. You have to rest, fix the portion with ice, and elevate it further till the sprain is gone.

6. Thigh Stretching
It mostly occurs due to the high jumps or wrong landing positions of the legs. Most basketball players use rebounding techniques more often, which is one of the major causes of this sprain. This can only go right through the Resting, Icing, and Elevating process. It might take several (or more) days to get back on the court with full potential, but it will be worth the time.

Tips to Prevent Basketball Injuries

Here are some tips to avoid basketball injuries:

  • Only wear basketball specified shoes
  • Wear protective gear for your face and head
  • Always perform a warm-up session before hitting the court
  • Stretch your legs by exercising daily
  • Clean the court to exterminate dust and make it dry
  • Seek professional attention if the injury seems unbearable
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the basketball
  • Use proper techniques
  • Avoid jumping higher than your capacity every time

    Final Verdict

    If you can follow these tips, I can assure you that you will avoid most of the common injuries. Even if you get into any trouble, you can use the methods stated above to treat the injuries and hit the court again with your friends or teammates.