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3 Ways Your Gear Can Boost Your Basketball Training

After football and baseball, basketball is the most popular sport in the USA and the tenth most-followed sport in the world. While natural talent is undoubtedly at play when it comes to being a top-ranked player like Kawhi Leonard or LeBron James, it is essential to train hard in order to make an impact on the court. In order to get the most out of every training session, a player needs to have access to the required training equipment and the right attire. Being able to cross the court in record time without losing control of the ball is an essential skill for any basketball player. Typical basketball gear has been designed with this in mind, helping to ensure that players are comfortable and on top of their game.

Shirts should never compromise reach

Loose-fitting shirts allow for quick movement during both training sessions and games. Although basketball shirts are often sleeveless to improve range of motion, esteemed sporting gear manufacturers such as Adidas have come up with sleeved options for players who are looking for a balance between performance and aesthetics. During the 2012/2013 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors become the first team to don a short-sleeved uniform. The shirts, which Adidas claimed were 26% lighter than more traditional, sleeveless attire, sported sleeves that wrapped around the shoulder at 360 degrees to ensure a full range of motion. In addition to a comfortable shirt, many players, including Ray Allen and the late Kobe Bryant, wear arm sleeves to prevent sweat from reaching the hands and reduce the risk of injury.

Basketball shoes can boost or break

The most important component of a player's attire is undoubtedly their shoes. Shoes that fit poorly will not only affect a player's form, but can also cause severe injury. As the game entails a lot of running and jumping, shoes need to offer sufficient support while still being comfortable. There are a number of things to consider when choosing basketball shoes, including whether you play indoors or outdoors. As most shoes are designed for indoor use, they typically don't last very long when playing on more rugged courts. When looking for outdoor shoes, be sure to opt for a pair that is made with durable material and has deep and wide traction grooves for optimal grip.

Shorts are longer for a reason

Basketball shorts weren't always as long and baggy as they are today. In fact, up until the 1980s, the shorts worn in the NBA were very short and somewhat restrictive. Long, baggier shorts were introduced to the professional game after Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan requested them for improved on-court comfort. He requested that the team's manufacturer, Champion, dropped the seams as he had a bad habit of tugging on his pants while playing defense. The rest of the NBA soon followed suit, adopting longer shorts that allow for improved movement and comfort on the court. Although many players undertake some of their training in track pants or leggings, baggy shorts still form part of official basketball attire.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a basketball training session. Although it may not be one of the most obvious considerations, the clothes a player wears can have a huge impact on safety and agility on the court.