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Unbelievable Scenarios in Sports Betting You Need To Read To Believe!

With gambling establishments becoming more accessible than betting can now be done from anywhere, navigating through several betting platforms is now much easier. If you are a punter who resides in Nigeria, there are lots of bookmakers for you to choose from. There are trusted Bookmakers services review that offer vast betting markets, valuable promotions, and quality gambling experience.

Many argue that sports betting is largely based on skills. However, the activity is as much as luck as it is a skill. When it comes to football betting, there are several ways to win a bet. A common technique is betting on more specific fixtures. The more specific the bet is the higher the bettor's chances of losing, therefore, the higher the payout. A bettor can place a bet on the result of a game, which team will be scoring next, or which players will score. Here are some occurrences in sports betting that we consider rare and most beneficial to bettors who have bet on specific markets.

Historic Leicester Premier League Win 2015/16

Many people wouldn't have guessed event in the 2015 Premier League turned out the way it did. In the previous season, Leicester City, who has never won the Premier League came back to the best league in the world. In the pre-season, they had made four wins and one draw. Many fans assumed there was more to the foxes and they place their bets on Leicester City FC despite the high odds set by bookmakers (5000-1).

Leigh Herbert who is a carpenter wagered $5 on Leicester winning the league. Even when other bettors were cashing out and the cash-out option increased up to $14.500, he maintained his bet. In the end, Hebert cashed out half of his bet before the end of the season, earning him $5.680 and an additional cash-out at the end of the season.

The Luckiest Bettor Alive

Once in a while, unskilled bettors get lucky who have no clue about betting accomplish something that a lot of skilled bettors who gamble regularly never accomplish. This story is one that is quite rare. In 2017, an anonymous woman placed an accumulator bet on 12 games and won all predictions. She eventually cashed out $574278,41 by choosing the teams "she liked the sound of". This is an unusual event where luck is really at play.

The Most Skilled Gambler In The World

Most times, it is not luck that wins bets but skill, analytics, and knowing the game. In 1999, Mick Gibbs correctly predicted the outcome of nine European football games and earning himself $157000. Also, in 2001 Gibs decided to take his luck on another ride by betting 30 pence on 12 football games across Europe with the odds of 1666666-1. In the end, Gibbs cashes out a $500 000 win.