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NBA Players Who Love to Gamble

NBA stars are true celebrities in their own right. Some of the highest-paid personalities will earn millions upon millions each and every year. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and the late Kobe Bryant are three common examples. Of course, these very same players enjoy indulging themselves when they are not on the court. Some prefer fancy cars and large homes while others are more interested in investing their funds. However, a handful are keen gambling enthusiasts. Which players are included within our list? The answers to this question may indeed surprise you if you are an avid fan of the NBA.

Michael Jordan

Of course, it only makes sense to begin with arguably the most famous basketball player of all time. Known for its immense natural ability as well as branded merchandise such as the Air Jordan line of footwear, Mr. Jordan is no stranger to wealth. Current statistics estimate his net worth to be well over $1.6 billion dollars. In other words, he has money to spare. Jordan can often be seen frequenting the casinos found throughout Atlantic City and there is no doubt that he enjoys high-roller status. We have to wonder if his in-house performance can match his prowess on the court.

JR Smith

Smith is another fan of gaming, although he tried to keep this habit under wraps for a fair amount of time. It was not until police found a suitcase containing $15,000 dollars in cash after his home was burgled that he admitted to having a taste for casinos. It is not entirely certain which games Smith enjoys the most nor if he is even a good player. However, anyone who has $15,000 dollars of money laying around for a rainy day nis likely doing something right.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is an example of a player who is great on the court and less lucky when it comes to gambling. In fact, he even admitted that he lost upwards of $10 million dollars back in 2006. His luck thereafter seemed to changes when he apparently won more than $700,000 dollars after placing a correct bet upon the outcome of Super Bowl XLI. Rumours also claim that Barley is a fan of popular online games such as roulette and blackjack. This is quite understandable when we have to imagine that he would otherwise be swamped with fans if he instead chose to head out to a standard casino. Still, Barkley has been plagued by some gambling debts over years. These do not seem to have had any impact upon his enthusiasm for the industry. After all, it is his money to win or lose!

While most of us cannot afford such expensive lifestyle habits, it is still possible to enjoy a small side hustle by choosing the right online casino. The other option is to become an NBA star in order to garner millions of dollars each and every year. Regardless, we can now see that these professionals enjoy other pursuits than the game alone.