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Exploring Michael Jordan and What Makes Him Special

Michael Jordan is a name that is well-known in many households and will be for many years to come. As a 6-foot 6 NBA player, he completely reshaped the way people view basketball during the 1980s and 1990s. To many, he is considered the best the world has seen, and when you watch the way he glides through the court and dunks the ball, it's not difficult to see why.

A Winning Streak

Jordan showed everyone that he was a superior athlete when playing with the Chicago Bulls and led them to victory six times. Not only that, he was named the most valuable player five times. Before long, his name completely dominated any talk of basketball. In 1984, he took part in the Olympics with the basketball team, and that year they won gold. His talent knew no boundaries, and that was evident in his streak of wins. 


"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen," said Michael Jordan.

He wasn't someone who always had it easy, but he was one of the most determined sports players to ever grace this earth. His sheer motivation and competitive streak saw him play 15 seasons for the NBA. He climbed to the top during high school and then played for the North Carolina team during his college years, earning him status among basketball players. Even after the tragic death of his father and subsequent retirement, he still found it in him to return later.

More Than Just Basketball

While he is known for his basketball career, Jordan dipped his toes in many other areas. He was part of several successful businesses, including his Nike partnership and his ownership of basketball team Charlotte Hornets.

Jordan's popularity meant his partnership with Nike and the Air Jordan's were incredibly popular. He was known for the way he lifted himself into the air on the basketball caught, and that fit perfectly with the Nike Airs' marketing.

Jordan even had a stint as an actor in 1996. He starred in the successful Space Jam, and of course, throughout the movie, he was mainly seen where people knew him best - on the basketball court. Today explains how the movie even holds up today. Not many people can say they've been on the poster of a movie alongside Bugs Bunny!

His Financial Worth

Jordan has an incredible net worth of USD 1.6 billion. From his sponsorships with brands, his successful career in NBA, and his ownerships, he has accumulated plenty of wealth over the years. Cash lady shows you the richest sports stars in the world, listing 100 players and their earnings.

His Worldwide Influence

His ability to glide through the court and dunk is pure art, and it has influenced people all around the globe and still does to this day. He was part of the globalization of basketball, becoming a role model to kids all around the world watching his games on TV. He contributed heavily to the NBA expanding its wings outside of the states.  Michael Jordan is a mix of pure talent and an unrivaled worth ethic. To this day, people still call him the best a basketball court has ever seen. His career has spanned decades, and he will forever be remembered as one of the greatest sports stars in the world.