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Covid-19: Can the NBA Season be Paused or Terminated Early?

The suspension of the sports season in many leagues and federations is the immediate consequence of the lockdown imposed by the authorities worldwide. Each league or federation could not carry on with its matches scheduled. The National Basketball Association (NBA) was no exception. Despite multiple attempts to forge ahead with its 2019-2020 season, the executive stopped the activities midway.

The Embarrassment of NBA Authorities

In an attempt to plan the 2019-2020 season, a meeting of the board of governors was convened. This special grouping aimed at taking into account potential risk in the event of organizing the season in question.

During the liberation, various scenarios and implications were addressed. For example, if the season holds, it implies that many matches will take place. With the current ban on gathering, crowds of fans during matches will be a contradiction to decisions by the powers that be. Because during matches it is very difficult to observe barrier measures as recommended by state officials. In fact, the board held the meeting under a lot of pressure. Interactions between fans can't be controlled. Another issue that caught the attention of board members is the financial losses. If the season is postponed, the NBA runs the risk of losing not only money, but also partners. Players salaries may not be paid if competitions are held in empty buildings.

If no play takes place, what will become of hundreds of business relationships depending upon NBA matches is a very difficult question to answer by the board. It should be recalled that NBA teams work with many people who help in staging games and in advertisements. In brief, groups of people are committed to promoting the popularity and image of the NBA league matches.

From the look of things, the NBA can't do without people who work round the clock to make NBA sporting activities better known. Faced with all these concerns and uncertainties, NBA authorities had no other option than to suspend the 2019-2020 season.

Dispute Between State and NBA Authorities

The Mayor went on to name all kinds of sporting events which fell under the ban. Besides, he prohibited the gathering of more than a thousand people. Ignoring decisions made by state officials, NBA executives considered moving games to cities with no or small number of cases, according to media reports. Pushed by the demand of the betting markets, NBA leaders determined to give a deaf ear to recommendations even by the local health department.

To further challenge the state authorities, betting websites like NBA odds Pennsylvania were working pretty hard to attract gamblers. Despite the precautions taken by NBA officials, such as putting up too many fans from entering the arena, thousands of fans were still in attendance.

To the dismay of all fans, thunder vice-president entered the court, took to the pitch and asked for the postponement of the encounter. Without further explanation, players were instructed to head back to the dressing rooms. All these reasons and consequences forced the temporary suspension of the NBA 2019–2020 season. Signs Announcing a Bleak Future for NBA 2019-2020 Season Home staying measures observed across the world coupled with its implementation in individual states was bad news for the effective holding of NBA 2019-2020 season. The global lockdown alongside the ban on huge gatherings of People, caused major leagues in all the continents to close down and crease their activities.

The extension of the global state of emergency to the United States of America made it abundantly clear that nothing was going to be like before again, as far as

NBA season was concerned. State authorities on American soil issued warnings for all sports leagues to suspend their competitions and seasons. With every sports league closing its doors to scheduled activities for the season, it was feared that the NBA would carry on with its season to the end.

Added to these bad signs and pressure, levied on NBA was the cessation of work of the many men and women who devote their time and energy to ensure hitch free and successful NBA league matches. In addition to this, the lack or absence of fans respecting lockdown prescriptions also accounted for the early suspension of NBA 2019-2020 season.

Even though NBA authorities failed to heed the calls by state authorities, nobody could say for certain that the NBA would continue with its matches. Many websites like NBA odds Pennsylvania went ahead to diversify activity in a bit to keep customers flowing. Added to these bad signs and warnings was the alarm sounded by the local health department.

The pressure mounted on NBA by both global and local contexts proved that the NBA season had a bleak future ahead. Despite the stubbornness of its leaders to ignore the threats paused by the global pandemic, the choice was very difficult to make. Thus, the board of governors had to be realistic and came to realize that no NBA league match could take place.

The Economic Impact on NBA Following the Suspension of League Matches

The economic impact on the functioning of the NBA is untold. At the time of the suspension, there were still 259 matches left on the NBA season schedule. In simple terms, it means that 21% of the season benefits could be lost not to talk about the playoffs. Economic implications for the teams, players, partners and workers depending on NBA games are numerous.

Most revenues made by the NBA come from television contracts, advertisements, merchandising and sponsorships or gate receipts. Losing all these sources of income only reveals how much the business of the NBA has been affected.

Apart from sources of income mentioned previously, more money will also be lost in areas such as merchandise sales, food and parking fees or concessions. All the losses put together would cost the NBA somewhere between 150 and 200 million dollars.

This state of affairs opens Pandora's Box for the NBA. Players will need to renegotiate contracts for matches that are either cancelled or played in empty areas. Men and women who make a living out of working for security, cooking for fans, taking tickets and cleaning arenas will be jobless.

All these good people run the high risk of going penniless. The same fate applies to media partners who stand to miss millions in advertising.

In conclusion, the suspension of the NBA 2019-2020 season will have very economic negative effects. The losses amount to almost a billion dollars, to say nothing of playoffs.