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From top to bottom: What happened to the Golden State Warriors?

You've heard of rags to riches stories, but what about riches to rags? The Golden State Warriors are long-decorated legends in the NBA. However, pre-pandemic, they were languishing at the bottom of the 2020 Western Conference. Anyone taking part in sports betting Pennsylvania and elsewhere will likely still be reeling from the significant changes in fortune for the squad.

So, what happened? The Warriors are no strangers to pushing for success. They've reached the NBA finals five years in a row. Not only that, but their conversion rate has been meticulous. They only lost two out of the five finals. Now, however, amid talk over where the NBA will go post-COVID-19, the Warriors must be looking for an exit strategy out of the bottom end of the grid.

Analysis isn't good

There could be plenty of reasons for this twist of misfortune. Poor coaching? Significant roster upheaval in the off-season? The statistics make for stomach-sinking reading for any true Warriors fan. Their current record sits at 15-50.

Before COVID-19, roster changes and an arguably unbalanced squad seem mainly to blame for much of the team's current strife. However, that's not to say that the team doesn't push hard. There just appears to be a lack of cohesion in some areas, which is driving pundits and fans stir-crazy.

Who's not pulling their weight?

Looking at what pundits and analysts have to say about the current roster, a few of the same names pop up time and again when it comes to under-performance. One or two players in the current Warriors pick seem to be having a bit of a nightmare this season – and that is certainly putting it mildly.

For example, a name that appears to keep rolling around in these discussions is Jordan Poole. Poole is well-known for his fantastic shooting conversions. This season, however, he's just not been hitting the mark – literally. Poole's defensive record leaves plenty to be desired, and despite his legendary status as a 3-point shooter, he's only converted on around a quarter of all his attempts.

Draymond Green, too, is another Warrior who doesn't seem to be converting as he should. His 3-point attempts seem to be converting as poorly as Poole's this season, and Green's name is something of a contentious one between Warriors enthusiasts. However, it's unfair to lay all the blame at the feet of a couple of stalwart Warriors.

Is hope on the horizon?

Very possibly. As a result of the pandemic freeze, the Warriors have around 21 games left, and it's safe to say they've had time to reflect on wha''s going wrong out there. The fact is injuries plague all teams once in a while - and the Warriors have felt this more than most this season.

The fact is, as they are at the very bottom of the league, they are currently in line to select first in the upcoming draft to fill the gaps in their defensive line. It is this, ultimately, which is letting the team and the fans down the most. Quite how the draft will take place – as the NBA remains locked down – remains to be seen. Talk of a virtual draft, much like the one undertaken by the NFL recently, could allow the Warriors to leap into building a new strategy as soon as physically possible.

With just over 20 games left to play, while predictions from the pundits aren't necessarily looking great, there is still time for the Warriors to regain a little bit of face and some respect. The team is looking a little haggard and beleaguered. Therefore, it's time for there to be some fresh energy injected into the squad. Whether that means retiring the stragglers and bringing in new blood remains to be seen.

So what now?

That's anyone's guess. The Warriors have had a relatively mixed time of it over the years, though they are best known for striking it lucky at three out of five finals. Is this the same team? Deep down, there will be a cohesion that will be easy to blend. However, it means that those who aren't pulling their weight need to start thinking carefully about how they can breathe new life into their play. Hold on tight – as when NBA returns; it's going to be an exciting ride.