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NBA 2020 Season is the Most Wide Open Season in Over a Decade

Last season no one would've given a penny to the Raptors winning the NBA Title, their odds were +1,885 after all! The unexpected win flipped the known world of NBA upside down for the next season, and following the free agency frenzy, 8 teams have similar odds of winning the championship. The 2020 season will be the most competitive in over a decade, at least on paper.

Soon after the first week of free agency, the Los Angeles Clippers acquired both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, making them the favorites to win it all at +320. Following contenders are the Los Angeles Lakers +400, Milwaukee Bucks +600, and the Philadelphia 76ers +700.

Scanning the list of odds, we can see there is not much leverage between any of the teams, which means as of now this will be the most open season in years. This is the popular sentiment so far, but who knows what will happen once the season kicks-off in a couple months.

Looking back into odds history, a situation like this had not happened since the 2007 season. Here are some major insights:

Eight teams have similar odds to win the title. Clippers, Bucks, Lakers, 76ers, Rockets, Warriors, Nuggets and Jazz. All these teams have better odds than the Raptors did last season. Their present odds reflect the results from the free agency picks.

If anyone even tries to figure out why The Raptors were so successful last season to try and pick a candidate winner this time around. good luck. In retrospective it is easy to make these assumptions, but before season began nobody knew what to expect from Kawhi Leonard coming off a season, in which he played just nine games. Neither the trade for Marc Gasil could've been foreseen, or that Pascal Siakam was a hidden All-Star.

If anything, we learned that things change over the course of a 82 game season, and NBA betting tips shift on the way very fast, so much so that we need to keep up with them online all the time. But having said that, we need to take also into account that unforeseen changes do not shift major odds, most of the time. In this scenario the unexpected was so substantial that it worked for the Raptors in the end. But don't expect this to happen often.

Let's go back and take a look at one particular odd: +1500. 70% of the teams have better odds than +1500 to win the championship in 2020. Last season only three teams did; Warrios, Celtis and Rockets. Same goes for seasons 2017/18 and 2016/17.

In 15 years there has only been three other instances with a similar outlook in the pre-season. Or maybe not that much for the first two:

  • In 2013/14 The Miami Heat were two time defending champions with +200 odds of winning once more.

  • In 2008/09 The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers both entered wih +3500 odds

    It is in the 2007/08 season that we find nine teams with +1200 odds and two more at +1500. At that time, Boston traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to add to Paul Pierce. That gave them +100 odds, tied with the Rockets and Bulls, and the Spurs followed with +450

    That season The Celtics won the title over the Lakers who traded for Pau Gasol halfway through the season. They won with +3000 odds and ranked 16th in the league. So yeah, next season is up for grabs for whatever team. There is simply no clear favorite until mid-season, when apparently all the surprises arise, which makes this season a very exiting one, just expect the unexpected.