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Where Will Giannis Antetokounmpo End Up Playing His Basketball?

The long-term future of Giannis Antetokounmpo has been one of the most discussed factors throughout the season. The talk isn't showing any sign of slowing down either and has been notched up an extra gear following the Milwaukee Bucks being knocked out of the NBA playoffs.

That defeat was a shock to most, as the Miami Heat easily got passed the team that finished at the top of the Eastern Conference in five games. The Bucks were tipped by most to win the series, including by ussportsbonus.com. The Bucks will now be hoping that they will once again have Giannis in their roster for next season. However, further fuel has been added to the fire that he could be set to turn his back on the Bucks, after he unfollowed all his Milwaukee teammates on social media. But, where are the most probable locations where he could end up?

Milwaukee Bucks

It could be argued that it may be hard to see Giannis leave the Bucks. After the game five defeat to the Heat, Giannis didn't exactly look like a player that was destined to leave the franchise. He admitted that they were already planning for next season, and that they will continue to work hard as a team. His mentality has been to win with the Bucks, and that doesn't look like changing. He also shot down the prospect of requesting a trade, which means fans are most likely to see the Greek back in the green for the Bucks next season.

Toronto Raptors

The one franchise that has constantly been primed to make a move for Giannis is the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors tried to draft the Greek back in 2013, but ultimately failed. There is already a relationship between the player and the Raptors executive, Masai Ujiri, which could mean that the trade may realistically happen. Toronto will get their opportunity to talk to Giannis again next year when his Bucks contract is up. He would seamlessly fit into the Raptors starting side, and will be the number one scorer that the Raptors have craved throughout the playoffs this term. Pascal Siakam hasn't been able to fill the void left by Kawhi Leonard, but there is no doubting that Giannis would be able to step into that void.

Miami Heat

Another side from the Eastern Conference also appear to be eyeing up the Giannis situation, and it would be fascinating to see the deal that the Heat could potentially put together. The Heat knocked the Bucks out of the playoffs this season, and could enter next season as potentially the NBA champions. How else could you improve on that roster except bring in Giannis? It would be an exciting prospect for Heat fans to see Jimmy Butler and Giannis in the same team, and there's no doubt that the Heat have the finances to pull off the deal. There are also constant rumours circulating that Miami could also make a move for Victor Oladipo. But, only time will tell whether these rumours are accurate or wide of the mark.